Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Catherine Namugala yesterday threatened to stop leader of the opposition Jack Mwiimbu from debating after he mentioned Hakainde Hichilema on the floor of the house.

This was when Mwiimbu, who is also Monze Central UPND member of parliament rose to debate the 2018 budget allocation for the Ministry of Mines and later on said Hichilema had never sold any mines on behalf or government.

“And I want to make it very clear that the individual who is being mentioned on the floor of this house and outside, Mr Hakahinde Hichilema never sold any mines on behalf of government in this country,” Mwiimbu said.

But when guiding the debate, Namugala warned Mwiimbu to desist from mentioning names of people who could not defend themselves in the House.

“Honourable leader of opposition, you have enough experience to know that when you start mentioning names of people who are unable to come here, and defend themselves, there will be a reaction. They will be mentioned and you will be the first one to complain. Please desist from that,” she said.

However, Mwiimbu insisted that it was only him and his colleagues from the opposition who could defend Hichilema since he was not a member of the house.

“Madam chairperson it’s a fact that members on your right have mentioned the name “Hakahinde Hichilema” on the floor of this house and it’s only me and my colleagues who can defend him on the floor of this house,” Mwiimbi said.

Namugala then threatened to stop Mwiimbu from debating if he continued disregarding the advice given to him.

“Not in that manner Honourable leader of opposition. If you continue to mention the name of that individual I’m afraid I will have to stop you from debating because the rules are very clear. Very very clear. He is not one of us, he cannot defend himself so we cannot expose him to that kind of debate as I have said. There will be a reaction from government, you will be exposing him in such a manner that he will not be able to defend himself. Please continue with the debate in the manner you know you should debate,” said Namugala.