Renowned Lusaka lawyer and politician Elias Chipimo says the silence from government and the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions over the harassment of the Financial Intelligence Centre Director General, Mary Tshuma, is deeply troubling.

Earlier this month, Lusaka lawyer Lewis Mosho, through his law firm, wrote to Tshuma, informing her that he was going to privately prosecute her for criminal offences she committed why working at the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) Anti Money Laundering Investigations Unit.

Mosho further accused Tshuma of trying to seek sympathy from the public but claiming to be victimised, adding that he was going to make sure that she faces the law like any other accused citizens.

Expressing his views on the matter, Chipimo, who is National Restoration Party president, wondered why the DPP who was empowered by the Constitution to allow or prevent a private prosecution, was silent.

“The silence from the government on the issue of the Financial Intelligence Centre is deeply troubling. A senior official of a state institution is being attacked in public and there is no comment from either the Minister of Justice or the Director of Public Prosecutions office, who should provide guidelines on how the power of private prosecution should be exercised,” Chipimo said.

“The power of private prosecution should never be exercised to settle personal scores. The silence from senior officials puts another dent in the respect for institutions of law.”

He sympathised with Tshuma and urged her to be strong as she helps prevent lawlessness from taking over the governance system.

“We urge madam Tshuma to be steadfast and to know that she may be one of the few people who are standing in the way of this country disintegrating into all-out politically sanctioned lawlessness,” said Chipimo.