Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development Ronald Chitotela says it is strange that those who are at the center of criminality are the ones accusing clean people the loudest.

On Monday, his Foreign Affairs counterpart Harry Kalaba shared a New Year’s message in which he reflected about corruption in the PF government.

Kalaba stated that 2017 would be remembered for the rising tide in corruption and seemingly falling standards of public accountability.

“The year gone by will most likely be famous and remembered for the rising tide of corruption and the seemingly falling standards of public accountability – a phenomenon which all well meaning Zambians should shun and endeavour to confine to the yester- year,” stated Kalaba.

And before he was fired, former National Planning and Development Minister Lucky Mulusa raised similar concerns, saying the 2015 power deficit was not caused by climate change but by poor decisions by government technocrats.

But Chitotela stated that it was shocking that those who were at the center of criminality were the ones loudly criticizing others.

“Wow!! What a world, a world defined by wonders and surprises. A world where you find real criminals are being applauded, praised and said to be great men and women of integrity when in fact the truth is different. This is a world where those who are actually at the centre of criminality are seen and heard to be the loudest with impunity,” Chitotela stated.

“They are the most noise makers condemning the clean while hiding their dirty, they call innocent people who have offered to serve society above self as corrupt and all sorts of names. What a world and society we live in, a society where those who have come to serve the masses with clean hands and good intentions are the ones being condemned and have all sorts of opinions around their lives while real criminals and thieves are all over being praised. Where are we going fellow country men and women? Anyway, God is watching and one day, judgment will come on each one of us.”

And Chitotela said President Edgar Lungu was a man who was chosen by God.

“2018 is year of serious commitment to service delivery above self and I want to assure the Zambian people that our Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure Development will commit its energy to bringing nothing else but real development under the able leadership of His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, a man who has been chosen by God himself. And to those who are too loud in condemning the clean while hiding their corrupt activities, we say to you that God will judge you soon,” stated Chitotela.

Meanwhile, some PF youths have not taken kindly to Kalaba’s reflections.

Luapula Province youth chairperson Jacob Chilufya described him as a Judas Ischariot and called for his resignation in a press statement issued to Smart Eagles.

“Honorable Kalaba should just resign, that’s a simple thing do. If indeed he is a genuine Minister why is washing dirt linen in public? If he is a genuine Minister why is he not raising issues in Cabinet or reporting to the Anti – Corruption Commission?” asked Chilufya.

“In the year 2018, we are only going to support genuine ministers who are doing good to the people of Luapula Province and the country as a whole and not pretenders.”