Those who are provoking me so that I lose my temper are wasting their time because I will not do so, says President Edgar Lungu.

And President Lungu says he is not worried about people who do not recognise him as Head of State because they are insane and need prayers.

Addressing residents of Chama district in Muchinga Province, Monday, President Lungu told those who had refused to recognise him as Zambia’s legitimate President that it was not his problem that they were confused.

“Those of you who are listening to people who are telling you that we have failed, ask them that what will you do differently if we vote for you? So I can only thank you for supporting PF and let’s remain united and let us be peaceful, there is no need to fight, let us just discuss our issues. For those who are insulting me, proposing violence or provoking me, thinking I will lose my temper, I will not do that. Even those who are saying they don’t recognise me I am still President so don’t worry about those, [if you want] ask a grade four student who the President of Zambia is and they will tell you that the President is Edgar Chagwa Lungu, so should I be worried if someone says I am not President? When someone is confused and doesn’t know the President of Zambia, should that be an issue to fight for? Just Pray for him to become sane so that he can realise what he is happening. Zambia will go for elections in 2021, for now, let’s work,” President Lungu said.

And President Lungu said he would make sure he delivered all his promises to the people of Chama in order to secure their votes.

“I came here firstly to great you and thank you for supporting PF, secondly I came to check on the progress being made on the construction projects here in Chama. Remember that we promised you roads, we promised you bridges, we promised schools, we promised you hospitals and we promised that we would bring electricity to Chama. I am glad that roads are being done and I promise you that when I go back to Lusaka I will make sure that those in charge of the projects are made to speed up the work that we do so that we do more work before 2021. I want to make sure that the bridge at Kampemba is done in the shortest possible time. I also want to make sure that the road from Chama to Lundazi is complete. I also want to make sure that before 2021, all the feeder roads in the chiefdoms are completed,” President Lungu said.

“I am not ashamed to say that this is the only way that can drive the people of Chama to give me the massive votes that they gave us for us to form government in 2016. When I said give me your votes, I said in return we will bring development and this is what we are doing now. The PF believes that no body should be left behind [in the development agenda] particularly those who supported us. So those schools which are being done will be completed soon and I will soon be sending the minister of Local Government and Housing to come and find out how we can develop the markets here and I will also discuss with them how we can demarcate Chama district into two. Chama is too big and I think its the biggest district in the whole country so we might need to divide it into two. I am not promising anything but I promise to discuss the matter with the ministries responsible for local government so that we see how we can go about this.”

President Lungu boasted that PF had done well in delivering on its promises to the people of Chama.

“I can confirm that we still believe that we have transformed Zambia into a hub of construction from the time we came into power and this is true because when you compare the work of UNIP for 27 years in Chama, you compare the work of MMD for 20 years in Chama, you compare the work of PF with six years that we have been here, PF has really transformed Chama into a modern settlement area. So by 2020, we will stop transporting ZESCO from Malawi because we already have transformers in place which are using generators and very soon we will have power coming from Chipata by 2020. North Western Province has had no power from ZESCO but when we came into power, we connected the whole of North Western Province to the grid how can we fail to do it for Chama which gave us so many votes? Chama is going to be a modern town,” said President Lungu.