Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila says UPND and the rest of the opposition have nothing to offer because they are not in government.

Mwila was saying this against a milestone scored by UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema who has built Mooya clinic in Bweengwa constituency of Southern province.

“President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has sent us here so that we assure you that development will be brought to Southern province. The constituency chairman for Dundumwezi has confessed that President Edgar Lungu visited Dundumwezi and promised them that they are going to put up the communication towers, which we have done. And that’s a very big achievement,” bragged Mwila.

“All those opposition members of parliament have nothing to offer. The UPND has nothing to offer because they are not in government. The ones who are in government are the PF. All this development which is being brought here, its being brought here by President Edgar Lungu and PF government.”

Mwila further called on the people of Namwala and Sinazongwe districts to denounce tribal politics and political violence which he said undermined the spirit of political pluralism.

Mwila added that the PF boat was not yet full and those who wanted to join were free.

And PF Kalomo District Chairman Luke Mwenya expressed gratitude for the communication towers which had been put up in Dundumwezi.

“When the President came to Dundumwezi he made it very clear. He told the chief, chief Chikanta that ‘I will do everything possible to make sure that I bring this development’,” said Mwenya

Meanwhile, in Choma, Rainbow party provincial secretary Ernest Chikumba and district chairperson for Sinazongwe Samson Kalemba defected to the ruling party.