Bahati PF member of parliament Harry Kalaba says he has no intentions of joining the National Democratic Congress (NDC) or UPND, saying he would rather walk alone since he also wants to be President.

And Kalaba says he does not mind if resigning from his position as Foreign Affairs Minister signified the end of his political career, saying he could not continue being part of a regime that only sides with a minority of business people whilst forgetting about ordinary citizens.

Meanwhile, Kalaba has maintained that all the international trips that President Edgar Lungu has been making are for the benefit of Zambia.

Speaking when he featured on Hot FM’s special Hot Seat programme yesterday, Kalaba said there was nothing wrong with walking alone in politics when someone has got decisions and choices.

“I am not a member of the NDC and harbour no intentions of joining NDC; I am not a member of the UPND and I harbour no intention as well of joining the UPND. I would rather go at it alone, after all, there is nothing wrong with walking alone or going at it alone if you have got decisions and choices that you’ve made for yourself. After all Zambia is a democracy, the reason we migrated in 1991 to a democracy was to enable people have choices. So even if resigning from my position as Foreign Affairs Minister signifies the end of my political career as they are now saying ‘that forget Kalaba’, I will not be part of a regime that wants to side with a minority business people and not the ordinary Zambians,” Kalaba said.

“I have already served as foreign affairs minister, I have been lands minister and I have even served in many other influential capacities and even my children and grandchildren when they grow up will know that their grandfather lived in this past, so what is wrong with ending ones career? We don’t live in perpetuity.”

He said he was ambitious to become President.

“What is wrong with ambitious? Show me one politician, not only in Zambia but anywhere in the world who is not ambitious and he’s a politician. Because even a councillor is ambitious to become a mayor, even an MP is ambitious to be a minister, so what is wrong with me being ambitious especially if I am capable of doing what I am talking about, what is wrong with that? About forming a political party, we will cross the bridge when we reach there,” he said.

And Kalaba insisted that he could not leave the PF.

“The government and the party are two separate entities. I can resign from government and still remain in the party, there are people who are working in government who are not members of our party. I am hearing calls from the PF, they are saying Kalaba should get out of our PF, we don’t want him because he’s saying that we are corrupt, but I did not point at anybody that you and you are corrupt, I just said ‘there are swelling levels of corruption’. So those who asking me to leave the PF, I am sorry.

Meanwhile, Kalaba maintained that all the international trips that President Edgar Lungu had been making were important and for the benefit of Zambians.

“I can still tell you today that what I defended in Parliament still stands. I defended those trips because I thought they were important and I will not backslide on that, that is how it should be. We need to sale this country out there and about the entourage that is carried along with the President, I believe that everybody that travels with him has got a specific purpose that they have to do. Let us not demonise offices just because we have left,” said Kalaba.