Minister of Health Dr Chitalu Chilufya yesterday announced that government resolved to lift the fishing ban after successfully curbing the spread of cholera.

Speaking a joint press briefing with Livestock and Fisheries minister Kampamba Mulenga, Dr Chilufya said government would continue monitoring any threats that may lead to revisiting the decision.

“The cholera outbreak in Zambia is now under control with only sporadic cases reported mainly near the epicenters. While we can confidently state that things are under control, government is still strengthening all the intervention measures that have been implemented so far. Key to mention is the continuous supply and provision of safe and clean drinking water and to encourage good personal hygiene practices,” he said.

The minister said the reports from the cholera task force surveys indicated that it was safe for people to resume fishing.

“We would like to state that one of the measures that we had put in place to prevent the spread of the epidemic was to extend the fishing ban. Together with the Minister of Livestock and Fisheries and Local Government, we have reviewed the reports from the multi-sectoral cholera task forces from the districts and made resolutions that we are announcing today,” Dr Chilufya said.

“Bearing in mind that from the time that the minister announced the extension of the fish ban, engaged the stake holders, that is the communities, the traders and companies; bearing also in mind that provincial fisheries officers have worked together to meat various stakeholders in the camps and also bearing in mind that our awareness levels have been escalated; further considering that our team at the Ministry of Fisheries has advanced in putting up measures with support from other stakeholders to address water and sanitation in the country, we have come to the conclusion that it is safe now to commence fishing in all parts of the country.”

He said government would review the decision soon.

“So we have concluded that the fish ban that was imposed by the Cholera task force with the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Fisheries, will now be lifted effective tomorrow (today). We will continue implementing all the interventions while fishing is taking place. The multi-sectoral cholera task forces will guide and monitor any threats that may arise and we will revisit the decision,” said Dr Chilufya.