National Democratic Congress (NDC) leader Chibamba Kambwili says he is ready to walk naked on the streets of Lusaka, in protest, if government succeeds to dismiss Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) director-general Mary Tshuma.

And Kambwili says President Edgar Lungu and the PF will still lose the 2021 elections, even if they looked for a much stronger witch doctor who is more powerful than Presidential Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe.

Meanwhile, Kambwili says the continued stifling of businesses belonging to members of the opposition will only worsen the country’s economy.

Speaking during a press briefing at the party secretariat in Lusaka yesterday, Kambwili threatened to walk naked on Lusaka’s Cairo Road in solidarity with Tshumba.

“I want to the appeal to the Patriotic Front government. President Edgar Lungu, your lieutenants and your minions; stay away from the Financial Intelligence Centre. The FIC was established by an Act of Parliament and it is a government institution. How then can the party in government be attacking the FIC through its member of parliament in the name of Kafwaya? Through its media director in the name of Sunday Chanda and his deputy, Antonio Mwanza. It clearly shows that the FIC is doing its job and because they’ve felt the impact of their corruption, they want to frustrate a genuine woman by the name of Mary Tshuma. But I want to assure Mrs Tshuma that as NDC, on behalf of the people of Zambia, we stand with you. And I want to assure you that should this government think of reliving you or firing you, they will see demonstrations that they have never seen in this country. I think enough is enough, if it means me walking on Cairo Road [in Lusaka] the way I was born without clothes, I will do it for them not to fire you. This idea of castigating the FIC should come to end and you should be ashamed of yourselves. Every time you are caught napping, you want the institution to go. What kind of people are you?” Kambwili asked.

And Kambwili, who also Roan PF member of parliament, said President Lungu would still lose elections even if he employed a much stronger witchdoctor than Sikazwe.

“If God has said, ‘President Edgar Lungu is only going up to 2021,’ nangu mukalete Inga’anga iikachila iyo mwakwata ku State House iyo Ing’anga yabako ati Sikazwe tapali ifyo mukacita (even if you bring a witchdoctor who is more powerful than Freedom Sikazwe who is the current one at State House), you will still lose the elections. And if God has said, ‘you will go beyond 2021,’ my brother (Lungu), you will go beyond 2021, no matter how Kambwili can talk. So, fighting Kambwili is a waste of time because these things come from God. Me, I believe that to be President of this country is not a matter of life and death for me. It is not by might, but it is by grace and if God has said one day I will rule Zambia, no matter what you do… kuti mwaenda nofwala (you can walk naked) but that will not change things. So, fighting people over the Presidency and leadership… at least God blessed me I was a minister and if I have to be more than a minister then it’s God’s wish and I will receive it. So, all these things you are doing against me over the Presidency, if it’s God-given, then you are just wasting your time,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kambwili said the PF’s nonsense of squeezing people’s businesses just because the ruling party perceived them as enemies was destroying the country’s economy.

“I will not relent until I see change in this country and there is no one who can intimidate me. You have killed me economically and I have accepted it. But this nonsense of squeezing people’s businesses when you perceive them as enemies, you are just destroying the economy. Everywhere we go and try to get a contract, you phone them saying, ‘if you deal with those people, you are in trouble’. I am not worried; my trucks are parked in my yard. They won’t rot and once Lungu is out of State House, my trucks will be back on the roads working. I will not be like GBM who sold his trucks, for me I will keep my trucks the way they are. I will be starting their engines every day just to keep them alive. This idea of intimidating the opposition… be like the South Africans, differ on politics, but leave people’s businesses alone,” Kambwili complained.

“Now they (PF) have tapped my phones, anybody that I speak to frequently, they pick their name, go and check whether they do business with government and if they find that they do then they call them and warn to say; ‘if you continue talking to this man (himself), then you will lose your business. Personal friends and relatives have been called and threatened to stop associating with me. I will not worry or mind as long as God is keeping us without having to sleep on empty stomachs. And you can squeeze me to the bone, but I can rest assure you, aka kanwa ako Lesa ampela kanofye kakafwe ukulanda kwena takakaleke (this God-given mouth of mine will not stop talking until I die). So, you are wasting your time. How can you really go to my uncle without knowing he’s my relative and threaten his business just because he has been talking to Kambwili every two days? So, they have since reduced his contract. Keep it up, Kaizer Zulu, for threatening my own personal friends for taking my phone calls. But if God is with us, nobody can be against us.”

Kambwili said PF-alligned clergymen will be used as firewood in hell if they don’t advise PF officials to repent.

“I am getting so worried to the extent that I am trying to think whether it’s worth going to Church or not. Because I know the pastors in churches know that this is a thieving government, but when they come to your churches, you are even praying for them instead of telling them to stop stealing. You are even praying for them and giving them Bibles because they have donated K200,000 in your church. Mukayaba inkuni shesu pakupya ku mulu imwe (you are go to be fire wood for the hell fire). You men of God who are doing that must be guilty of yourselves. When things are wrong, you as the Church should call these people aside and say, ‘thank you for coming to Church, but please Mr President, there are these complaints about corruption. What are you doing about it?’ But you when you are visited by the President, as long as he has left hefty offering, you are even saying, ‘he’s God-given. God can never give a thief for a President, that’s a lie. So, I am appealing to the Church to take up your responsibility and serve the people of Zambia from this unbecoming behaviour,” said Kambwili.