PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri says Hakainde Hichilema’s threats that Sunday Chanda will run away from Zambia after PF loses power are empty because the country doesn’t belong to him.

And Phiri says HH should restrict his insults to women, charging that in Southern Province some men don’t respect women, which is why they marry so many of them and use them like tractors.

The PF official was responding to remarks made by the opposition UPND leader who expressed anger on Tuesday after he was repeatedly accused of privatising the mines. HH threatened to sue a caller called Elvis while warning the PF deputy media director that he would run from Zambia when PF is kicked out of office, because he was fond of insulting.

“Which insults has Sunday Chanda thrown on HH? Even Elvis the caller never insulted HH, he was merely challenging him to explain the privatisation of mines which he was part of as a consultant. I was listening to the programme. If someone accuses you, you don’t have to be angry and start threatening people, you just have to explain. Yes we know that PF will one day come out of power. Me I have always emphasised that no situation is permanent. The only permanent thing is the Kingdom of God,” Phiri said.

“Tell HH that no one will run away from this country. In fact ask him to say nanga ni Zambia ya nyoko? This country doesn’t belong to him. Tell HH that because of that heart, God will never allow him to be President of this country. When PF comes out of power, God will prepare someone else whom nobody, even HH doesn’t know. And that Sunday Chanda he is threatening is a young person. When HH came on the political scene, he came on the premises of being [young like] Obama because he was less than 45 years old. Since he is now old and he has failed to become President, he should have been expected to leave the stage to young people. He should let young people like Sunday Chanda or Cornelius Mweetwa to take over from him.”

She Charged that in Southern Province some men use women like tractors, which is why they marry a lot of them.

“What I want to tell HH is that Sunday Chanda is a man like him. Let his threats end with [Edith] Nawakwi whom he says belongs to the kitchen, let his threats end with Mumbi Phiri because we are women. So let his insults end with us women because by our tradition and culture, those whose heads have not fully developed, they don’t understand equal rights between men and women. Men like HH continue disparaging us women because he has not developed in his head to understand that we are equal. To him we don’t matter, we are just useless,” she charged.

“We know that where he comes from, there is no courtesy. They don’t respect women. That’s why they marry four-five of us, because we are used like tractors where they come from. I am not saying all of them, but others. HH has one wife, but we have seen others have six to seven wives. So to threaten a young person like Sunday Chanda is very unfortunate. Hakainde is an old man who should show respect to Sunday Chanda if he wants to be respected.”

Phiri said there was no need for HH to be upset when asked to explain the role he played in the privatisation of mines.

“Has he ever been to Elvis’s house for him to say ‘you are suffering?’ He doesn’t even know him, so how does he know that the man is suffering? Does he want everybody to be posting pictures of where they live like they do to show off that they are rich? HH doesn’t feed Elvis, so let us respect each other,” said Phiri.

“HH was part of that team that advised government on the privatisation of mines. That is why me I always say that educated people have disadvantaged this country, because when you know that you are educated, you should know the repercussion. Those people who were privatising should have advised government to say these will be the consequences in future, but what did we see? The same people who should have advised government started buying shares in the companies. Is that Ethical?”