PF lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube has asked President Edgar Lungu to decide whom he wants to serve between the people of Zambia and his friends who surround him.

In an open letter to the ruling party leadership, KBF who is also an election strategist says the recent increase of fuel prices is an indication that the PF has failed to the pro-poor test.

“PF as a party was founded on the premise of being Pro-Poor. This meant being sensitive and measured when taking decisions; political, social or economic that affect the Zambian people to their detriment. The recent Fuel Increment has lamentably failed this test. I have observed with shock and dismay the proliferation of silly actions of endorsing candidates for 2021 as well as the making of almost each and every political and developmental activity a matter of 2021. This lack of focus and lack of passion, heart and ambition for the Zambian people by most political players within the Patriotic Front Party is the reason so for many of our challenges and failure represent the values and beliefs which the founding father of this party the late President Michael Chilufya Sata stood for,” he said.

“The current PF leadership mindset does not meet the standard that was set by the founding father. We cannot pretend to represent the moral fiber of the founding father when our views are diametrically opposed to those that he stood for. With such a mindset to leadership, it is impossible for such people to be objective and truthful when called upon to contribute to the decision making processes and such people will only be truthful when they are in small dark corners in their silly little cliques where they conspire to fill there already full bellies while the masses starve. What a shame. My one line to the President of the Party and the Republic is that he must choose between his friends and the Zambian people. We have moved from a pro poor party to a pro foreign interest serving leadership. This must be reversed immediately. Zambians must come first at all times.”

He observed that government was taxing citizens to the grave.

“The Zambian government cannot be taxing the Zambian people at each and every turn when there is a fiscal challenge. It is inhumane to keep demanding that the citizens part away with more of their consistently dwindling earnings and to add insult to injury, the political players who are already indulged with the trappings of privilege, choose to increase their pay within the same stride. It is only about a month ago that to cushion the effect of the high cost of living on domestic workers, the solution was found in the middle class whose income or revenue streams are already strained, suffering and uncertain. Barely a month later, government has increased the price of fuel,” KBF said.

“My open advice is that the people of Zambia do not only expect more from us as the party in power but that they actually deserve more. We must remember that cheaper fuel was a campaign promise and if we are politicians worth our salt, we must honour our campaign promises. We must also remember that we promised and stand for lower taxes and more money in people’s pockets.”

KBF challenged those who have been championing for President Lungu’s third term to stop lying to the Head of State.

“To those officials in the Patriotic Front whose only contribution to finding solutions to the many problems being faced by the country is to shout “Lungu 2021” and to threaten other members with suspensions and expulsions, I think the time has come for you to make yourselves relevant to the country and do the jobs that come with the positions you hold. Our party and our country are in the problems they are in because too many of you are failing at your jobs. Too many of you are corrupt and too many of you choose to flatter the President with lies because if you tell him the truth of how rotten you have made things, you will expose you failings and shortcomings. Some of us would rather stand with the poor than compromise the principles and values that made PF win government,” said KBF.