Wynter Kabimba says he has left politics of insults to Chishimba Kambwili who is always on radio to call the President and other government leaders as thieves and “pompwes”

And Kabimba says it is nonsensical to assume that the Zambia Forestry and Forest Industries Corporation (ZAFFICO) has been sold simply because the company’s shares have been listed on the stock market.

Meanwhile, Kabimba has advised PF Secretary General Davies Mwila to stop party cadre Chanoda Ngwira’s acrimonious behaviour towards government wings like the Judiciary because its destroying the party.

Speaking when he featured on Hot FM’s Frank on Hot programme, Tuesday, Kabimba said he had stopped buying or reading newspapers in Zambia because they have nothing to offer him, adding that he avoids print media journalists who like to call him so that he can join those that are practicing politics of insults.

“There is nobody who is talking about the policies they would bring in this country if given an opportunity to govern. Everybody’s ideology is about insults and how to humiliate and demean someone else across there and you, the press has contributed. You also think that the only way you can sale the image of your Radio station is by bringing someone here who is calling everybody ‘Pompwe’, ‘nibakabolala aba, ba pompwe (they are thieves, despicable thieves), they are corrupt’, and everyone is cheering ‘eee eee eee this is the message’ and you start running that as a headline throughout the day, as if it changes the price of oil in Iraq. Print media same, if they don’t put a sensational headline they think nobody will buy it,” Kabimba said.

“During Michael [Sata]’s time, when you saw the name Sata, whatever it was they said about him, you bought the post. That culture has continued, I have stopped buying the print media myself in this country, there is nothing that they can tell me that I can learn from them. Me I don’t want to be covered for insults and you know what I tell some reporters when they phone me? I tell them ‘try ba Kambwili, not me on that one’. So journalists share the inequity of this political degeneration.”

And Kabimba said UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema should have sought necessary evidence before alleging that ZAFFICO had been sold.

“I have seen a lot of debate on social media about what a sale is. If I want to know whether or not Hot FM has been purchased by Robbert Chikwelete, for example, what will I do? I will go to PACRA and conduct a search. All documents relating to limited liability companies, business names, are public documents. I will go and pay a fee, and they won’t ask you why. So I will say to them ‘give me the Hot FM Limited file’. So I will browse through it until I get to a document which shows the change in shares between Hot FM and Robbert Chikwete. Then if someone asks me a question, I will tell them ‘yes, I actually verified this and here is a computer print out from PACRA showing the transfer of shares from Hot to Robbert Chikwelete. So the owner of Hot FM now is Robbert Chikwelete’,” Kabimba said.

“Similarly, if it is a share sale on the stock market, I can still go to Lusaka Stock Exchange (LUSE) and conduct a search and check the documents, so I will be speaking from a view point of evidence based facts over the matter. Even if I wanted to use that information for political purposes, I would be saying to the Zambian people ‘here is evidence of a sale’… If we wanted to tell the Zambian people as Rainbow Party that there has been a sale of ZAFFICO to anybody, that’s what we would have done. I don’t know what evidence he (HH) has but if I were in his shoes, I would have looked for the evidence and I would have been telling the people of Zambia that ‘I want someone in government to challenge these documents that I have’ but to argue as we are seeing on social media now that if a company is listed on the stock market then it means that there is a sale, that is nonsense! Can we reduce this sharing of ignorance.”

Meanwhile, Kabimba said the PF needed to discipline Ngwira because he was destroying their party.

“I want to deal with PF cadre called Chanoda Ngwira, this kind of nonsense must be stopped by PF. The PF Secretary General must be ashamed that you have a character who is trying to destroy the Judiciary, the fellow appears on ZNBC and he’s given more than two minutes talking nonsense. You can’t build a political party like this, these are not the cadres that you need to promote the image of your party, they are just destroying PF. Can we stop this nonsense, the SG must call this Ngwira guy and tell him ‘stop it’. I watched him on TV saying ‘I am going to sue judge A and B’, does he even know what that means? Who says that for a judge to give testimony he needs the authority from his so-called employer? Why this indiscipline which is being tolerated in political parties? And the fellow if even being given headlines and space which they can’t give to people saying sensible things on ZNBC, this is rubbish,” said Kabimba.