Because of corruption, PF can win all the by-elections, but they will never win the general elections, says NDC Consultant Chishimba Kambwili.

And Kambwili has warned the Daily Nation to stop messing up his name, warning that he will drag them to court.

Meanwhile, Kambwili says NDC’s participation in elections is not for them to win, but to “plant the party”.

Commenting on the Mangango parliamentary election results after appearing in court, Kambwili said a by-election was not a determining factor of a party’s popularity.

He argued that because of corruption, the PF could win all by-elections, but they could never win a general election.

“PF must learn a lesson from MMD. Because of corruption they can win all the by-elections, but they can never win a general election! Look at the trajectory of PF when it was formed. When we formed PF in 2001, we used to come number last; we used to lose all the ward and constituency elections. PF won its first ward election in 2004. Before that, we were just last. From 2004, things changed. We took over the entire Copperbelt, Lusaka, Northern, Luapula Province,” Kambwili said.

“PF are using corrupt money! They are buying people. They are going into elections, two days before elections, they take Chibuku there, chickens, phones and everything! They can win. But during the general elections, all the areas will be on their own; there will be nobody to take phones there. A by-election is not a determining factor whether the ruling party is popular. To the contrary, it just proves the corruption of the ruling party! So, I wish [Davies] Mwila very well. But you know I have always said, Mwila is a very dull person. So, he cannot differentiate sense from nonsense. To him, what doesn’t make sense, makes sense.”

And Kambwili said NDC’s participation in these by-elections was not for them to win, but “plant” the party.

“We are planting the party. We are going to announce our existence in all the areas,” he explained.

Meanwhile, commenting on former UPND vice-president for politics Dr Canisius Banda’s remarks that UPND’s loss in Mangango constituency was evidence of diminishing fortunes for the opposition and was a sign that citizens still had confidence in PF, Kambwili charged that Banda just wanted to survive by getting some change from President Edgar Lungu.

“Canisius Banda, you think that he’s normal? A person at his age, a doctor doesn’t own his own house, you think he’s normal? Some of these people you should not even talk about them. He failed to pay K14,000 rentals for a property! Doctor ushisakula imishishi (who doesn’t comb his hair), you forgive such people. He wants to survive now, he wants to get some contracts; he wants to get some change from Lungu so he will speak everything that will please Lungu. Canisius should be the last person. When he was in UPND, what was he saying about Lungu? What has changed today? He is like my young brother Antonio Mwanza; they have just gone there to eat. If you go and talk to them away from Lungu, you will hear what they say,” Kambwili said.

Meanwhile, Kambwili, the rebel Roan PF member of parliament, warned Daily Nation to stop messing up his name, warning that he will drag them to court.

“And ba Daily Nation, I want to warn you. That story you have carried in the newspaper that I owe somebody K19,000 through a person called Kirby Musonda, who is my employee, I will take you to court! Stop messing up my name. First and foremost, I don’t have any employee by the name of Kirby Musonda. Because the Kirby Musonda I know is the deputy media director for NDC. NDC has no employees at the moment, but volunteers. So we don’t owe anybody a salary. All the employees who work for Mwamona Engineering are paid on time,” said Kambwili.