Prince Harry has offered to acquire hundreds of elephants from Botswana for the Kafue National Park in a quest to double the number of tourists to Zambia by 2030.

Speaking to journalists shortly after President Edgar Lungu’s private meeting with Prince Harry, Monday, State House press aide Amos Chanda disclosed that the British royal had offered to help Zambia in wildlife conservation.

“His Royal Highness, Prince Harry has been holding private talks with the President. Within those discussions, they touched on a wide range of issues, particularly the most important is the passion between the two leaders. Prince Harry has offered to assist Zambia with the conservation of wildlife, particularly in Kafue National Park where he has given the offer to assist Zambia acquire hundreds of elephants from Botswana and they would move into the Kafue National Park under the auspices of African Parks, an organization where he is Chairperson. So the President has given full support to African Parks, as you know they are the ones who operate the Liuwa National Par, where there an incredible crop of animal population from the time he took over and also where they are operating,” said Chanda.

“The two leaders have also agreed on the mechanism where the Minister of Tourism of Zambia went into a Memorandum of Understanding with Africa Parks, and African Parks is delivering documents guiding this Memorandum of Understanding and then that process of transporting large numbers of elephants from Botswana into Kafue National Park and by so doing, improving other conservation methods. So the Prince is here to ensure that tourist numbers could double within between now and 2030, with the introduction of elephant population, boosting up the elephant population and also conserving what is the focus of this initiative, which is to emphasize that it would add considerable to youth empowerment and job creation within the conservation areas.”