NDC national youth chairman Charles Kabwita says it is not surprising that people have stopped reporting cases of corruption to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) because the institution has become moribund under PF.

In a statement, Thursday, Kabwita noted that the Anti-Corruption Commission had failed to execute its mandate diligently as provided for by the law because of political interference.

“Youth in the Natinal Democratic Congress have received the concerns raised by the Anti-Corruption Commission, that citizens have stopped lodging complaints of corruption, with a sense of disappointment and worry. They say that even though it is very worrisome, it is expected because people know that reporting corruption in this current regime amounts to nothing as corrupt officers are protected by the State. The NDC is on record to have lodged a complaint against ministers concerning corruption and up to now nothing has come up. The complaint was lodged over a year ago, against Ministers from Luapula namely; Nixon Chilanwga, Ronald Chitotela, [then] Emerine Kabanshi and Dr Chitalu Chilufya at the Anti-Corruption Commission office in Kitwe. In a country where corruption is at its peak, we expected the Commission to be swift and vigilant, but due to selective application of investigation by the Commission, this has led to citizens’ loss of confidence and credibility in the institution,” Kabwita stated.

Kabwita regretted that the ACC under the PF administration had become compromised due to influence from politicians with hidden agendas.

“The Commission, under the Patriotic Front government, has become toothless and a laughing stock. During the late President Levy Patrick Mwanawasa S.C, corrupt men and women were brought to book and the law took its course regardless of one’s political affiliation. But that is not the case in this PF government. The Commission is failing to execute its required mandate diligently as provided for by an act of Parliament due to political interference by those in power. So how can people continue to report when the cases will not go anywhere,” stated Kabwita.

“We, therefore, appeal to the powers that be, to disconnect themselves and allow the Commission to conduct its work professionally and independently. Today, in Zambia, cases of corruption have skyrocketed due to political influence from politicians with hidden agendas, making it difficult for the institution to carry out its obligations accordingly. The Youths in the NDC demand for a corrupt free Zambia, because we realise that development can only be achieved under men and women with integrity, honesty and a heart for mother Zambia.”