The Civil Society Constitution Agenda (CiSCA) has joined calls by other stakeholders for the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) to lift the 30-day suspension slapped on Prime TV.

In a statement, Monday, CiSCA Chairperson Bishop John Mambo said the suspension had deprived Zambians of the right to a variety source of news.

“Civil Society Constitution Agenda (CiSCA) joins the many voices that have so far voiced out on the inconsiderate suspension of the Prime TV by the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) on the allegation of unprofessional reporting by the station. CiSCA calls for an immediate lifting of this suspension as it is detrimental to the existence and growth of independent and free media in Zambia,” Bishop Mambo stated.

“The suspension has deprived many Zambians the right to comparable information sources resulting in them being left behind due to information distortions and gaps which consequently has undermined the National Development Plan’ motto of ‘leaving no one behind.”

Bishop Mambo said those in the ruling party should not kill the private media as they would need them when out of power.

“We further call for the IBA and government authorities to explore other civilised options of enforcing adherence to media ethics and professionalism and in resolving other teething problems facing all media houses in Zambia than rushing into suspensions, revocation and application of other punitive measures. CiSCA wish to remind the authorities that this same private media they are persecuting, harassing and intimidating now, would be dear to them when they are no longer in authority and therefore, better for them mature instead of destroying it,” stated Bishop Mambo.