NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili says President Edgar Lungu is richer than him today even though the former used to buy fuel for the latter in the past.

And Kambwili says President Lungu is an evil person who has no heart for the people.

The former chief government spokesperson was speaking in Roan, Sunday, at a campaign rally to drum up support for NDC candidate Joseph Chishala.

“Today I am telling you, if you go to Lusaka, if you find a house wherever there was an empty space, just know that that house belongs to Lungu or [Housing and Infrastructure Minister Ronald] Chitotela. Surprisingly, Lungu today has so much wealth, even us who were even giving him money for fuel can’t match him, we are very surprised,” Kambwili said.

“He has even turned against us. I don’t have the money like that which they are distributing; I only have a voice for you. Let us unite, vote for Chishala, he is a very strong young man and I have no doubt that he is going to deliver. If PF loses here in Roan, that will be their end and that will be the beginning of a revolution. So make sure you shock them as you go to cast your vote.”

And Kambwili said President Lungu is an evil person who has no heart for the people.

“It should not be that if you are PF, then you should be PF forever even when you are not benefitting anything. Some of you just chant ‘pa bwato, pa bwato (on the boat)’ after being given a Chitenge material when you have been suffering all along. I am telling you this because some of you can say ‘it’s you who told us to vote for Lungu’. When you are building a house and you discover that it is not straight, you have to stop and demolish it, then start building a new one. This the point at which we are with PF, we have to demolish the PF wall and build a new one. This person you and I have brought, ‘ni mwansa kabinga’ (he is evil), he has no mercy at all. If he had mercy, this area could not have been like this. This area could have been one of the areas that should be admired by all people in this country, because it is a mineral rich area but because of poor governance, you are still suffering,” Kambwili said.

Meanwhile, Kambwili lamented that despite campaigning vigorously for the Head of State, he was one of the last people to be appointed to Cabinet.

“When he started appointing people to be in his Cabinet, he started by appointing people from MMD such as Dora Siliya, Felix Mutati and others. The way I campaigned for him, he could have had started with appointing me but he started with ‘tu Kampyongo’ (the likes of Kampyongo), he even brought back thieving Chitotela who was fired by Sata for theft. We said it’s ok, for me I even forgot about the issue of ministerial position but he later appointed me. It’s just that you don’t follow critically when someone is speaking; he refused to work with me just when he was swearing me in,” said Kambwili.

“If you remember, the rest of the people he appointed he was just congratulating them, but when it was my turn he started by saying ‘some of you are masquerading as Presidents when I am here as President, should I just hear you, you will be fired! Just when we left I even told my wife that you should start moving our belongings, we are not going anywhere with such sentiments. Now a man we campaigned so hard for, he didn’t even give me any money, I was using my own money, is the one who can say such words? And then I heard some well placed sources telling me that he doesn’t want you.”

And Chishala promised to be as outspoken as Kambwili in Parliament once elected MP.

“Lungu thought that by removing Chishimba Kambwili from Parliament, he had silenced us all, but he will soon be shocked because I will go there to speak the same way Kambwili was speaking, even more than him because I am still a very energetic youth. I will make sure that I speak for you,” said Chishala.