Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga says police are investigating a matter in which Special Assistant to the President for Political Affairs Kaizer Zulu allegedly slapped a businessman called Chomba Kaoma over the weekend.

And Kaoma says Zulu has caused embarrassment to the Office of the Republican President by slapping him.

Meanwhile, Kaizer has laughed at the accusation, wondering how the circulating CCTV video footage implicates him.

Kaoma narrated to News Diggers that while he was having a chat with Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda and business man Fawazi Shawi on Saturday evening, Zulu followed and slapped him after he refused to talk about an issue that was discussed in privacy.

“There were no circumstances, it’s like somebody finds you sitting and chatting with a friend like I was chatting with Amos and Fawazi Shawi, he wants you to start discussing things that were discussed privately in your inboxes, openly. Then you decide to ignore him, then he pounces on you. He slapped me on the left side and that’s what is on the medical report, but some people who were there, some are saying it was a punch…this one says it was that…you know when you are not looking at a person who has pounced on you, you can’t know. But when we went to the Police, there were traces of his finger prints on my cheeks. So we are waiting for the Police, Madam Katanga, to do her job obviously,” Kaoma said.

He said Zulu doesn’t want him to be close to President Edgar Lungu.

“He is the one who has been having grudges against me. Right there and then he confessed that he has been the one who has been behind all these malicious social media things against me, he confessed, there were people there. In fact I was privy to some information from the security reports at Protea, they even said things that I didn’t even speak myself by telling me that ‘this guy was threatening your life, this guy was saying that if you think that those reports about you will stop, they won’t stop as long as you are coming closer to the President.”

He said Zulu should apologise to President Lungu for embarrassing his office.

“It’s not about me getting justice, look, what you need to know is that at the end of the day, that one I have known him for a long time, at the end of day, it’s about the office that he holds and showing respect to the office. I am not getting justice from anywhere, I am not going to court but he just needs to man up and apologise to the President. What he has done has brought shame not to himself but to the office that he holds; the only thing that I can demand from him is for him to apologise to the President, not to me. I have forgiven, I am a Christian, I don’t hold grudges. So he just needs to apologise to the President because he has embarrassed the President. I am a business man, I am well established, I don’t need anything from him, nothing! If I take him to court, what will he give me that I don’t have already?” Kaoma asked.

And when contacted for a comment, Katanga said police had issued a medical report for Kaoma and had instituted investigations.

Meanwhile Zulu declined to grant an interview to this reporter, but when asked why he attacked Kaoma, he laughed saying: “Oh! I am sure you’ve examined the video footage, what does it tell?”