PF Secretary General Davies Mwila says his party structures from all the seven constituencies of Lusaka will this Friday deliver a petition to NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili against his allegedly continued disparaging remarks against President Edgar Lungu.

And Mwila says the anti-Kambwili protests which started last week will go on for seven days adding that the party has followed the law in doing so.

Meanwhile, Mwila has insisted that it is only President Lungu and Vice President Inonge Wina who can correct him if he makes a mistake because he is number three in the country’s leadership.

Mwila said this at the PF Secretariat in Lusaka, Monday, when he received 4, 000 x25 kilogram bags of mealie-meal donated to DMMU by South African based PF member Bizwell Mutale.

“As a secretariat we have made a decision that time has come for us to defend the president at all cost because he is our party president. And he will not be defended by the government but he will be defended by the party because he is a property of the party. And we promised the people of Zambia that we are going to demonstrate for seven days. And I want to inform the people that we give notice to the police. We follow the law [and] because of this program Mr Mutale, we were supposed to receive Munali today but we will receive them tomorrow. On top of that, we are going to have seven constituencies and the districts on Friday who are going to take a petition to Mr Kambwili’s office [that’s] if he has an office. If he doesn’t have an office [then] we will take it to his home [but] of course we have to work within the law. A notice has been given to the police,” Mwila said.

Mwila said the party was hurt that no one was defending the President when attacks were being directed at him.

“Elyo Kambwili aletutuka (when Kambwili was insulting us), no one defended the president [and] that is what hurts me. Ifwe twalanda [ati] (we have said) effecting citizen’s arrest is within the law. Go and tell that Mwewa from Civil Societies I don’t know [that] whatever we are doing is within the law. We are not violating the law. And whoever is going to speak against our statement, we will know that he is supporting Kambwili and we will not take it lightly as a party,” Mwila warned.

And Mwila insisted that only the President and the Vice-President had the power to correct his mistakes because he was third in authority.

“The second issue that I wanted to clarify is that the spokesperson of the party is the secretary general of the party according to our constitution. When I make a mistake, the Vice-President or the President will correct the mistake and not a junior officer. When a member of the Central Committee speaks and he makes a mistake, it is the Secretary General to correct because he is a fellow member of the Central Committee but I am a bit higher. I know there was an issue of Kebby Mbewe where there was the media director who came in, it was the secretary general who was supposed to correct not an ordinary employee of the party,” said Mwila.