NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili has challenged Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja to inform citizens on the status of all assault cases concerning Special Assistant to the President for Politics Kaizer Zulu.

And Kambwili has appealed to President Edgar Lungu to take action against Zulu, charging that the Head of State will only realise that the assault cases are serious when Zulu beats him.

In September this year, four Lusaka men sued Zulu and his acquaintances in the Lusaka High Court for allegedly beating and kidnapping them on accusations that they were taking pictures of his speed boat at Chita Lodge, in Kafue.

Earlier this month, a bus driver of Mtendere Township also sued Zulu in the Lusaka High Court, demanding over K2 million as compensation for pain after the latter allegedly beat him up.

And last week, a video circulated on social media in which another man accused Zulu of beating him up.

But in an interview, Kambwili challenged Kakoma to issue a statement through the police spokesperson, on the status of Zulu’s assault cases which had been reported to the police.

“I’m challenging the Inspector General of Police, through the police spokesperson, to issue a statement telling us the status of all Kaizer Zulu’s cases that have been reported to the police. I want them to answer why they are not arresting him. And also why a person called to the police station, because we hear there was a call out, doesn’t report [but] they (police) are dragging their feet to follow him. When they summon me and I don’t show up, they send a battalion of police officers with guns to come and apprehend me. Remember I was bundled in a police vehicle all the way from Lusaka to the Copperbelt. What is so special about Kaizer Zulu?” Kambwili wondered.

“I challenge him (Kakoma) that if he is not arresting Kaizer Zulu or doing anything, let him just resign on moral grounds. Then he has failed to perform his duty.”

And Kambwili wondered why President Lungu was silent on Zulu’s assault reports.

“Why is the President silent on Kaizer Zulu? The President must also come out. What is his position? Does he support what he does or is he (Zulu) above the office of the President? What is it that Kaizer has done at State House that his Excellency the President can also be quiet on his criminal activity? Because they cannot hide in the guise of ‘no they reconcile with whoever he beats up and he pays them’ because the police and the court have a right to say ‘enough is enough, how many times are you going to beat people and reconcile’. Can we know the position of all the matters against Kaizer Zulu,” he said.

Zulu appealed to President Lungu to take action against Zulu, charging that the Head of State would only realise that the assault cases were serious when Zulu beats him.

“President Edgar Lungu please take action against Kaizer Zulu. Next time I’m telling you, you will only realise that its serious when he beats you. Because that’s where its going. He is going to beat the President and then you will see that these assault cases are serious. We must cage Kaizer Zulu, this is too much,” said Kambwili.

“The truth of the matter is who would want to beat Kaizer Zulu when the police don’t arrest him when he beats people? People are scared that should they retaliate, they will be locked. Surely if the man is above the law you even go and slap him, where will you find yourself? Chimbokaila. Because the police have shown open biasness.”