PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu says no one will force him to fire or discipline Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo.

Addressing Patriotic Front officials at Rufunsa’s St Luke’s Mission, Friday, President Lungu said sometimes, he agreed with Lusambo’s methods because of the malicious lies against his government.

“You can’t tell me how to discipline my Minister. I know how I discipline them. Anyway, sometimes I agree with Lusambo because of the many lies…that I have sold the country, I am selling Gold. So sometimes, I tell him…slow down a bit…anyway bamvela [they have heard]” President Lungu said.

Several stakeholders have been calling for Lusambo’s dismissal after he threatened popular musician Brian Bweembya alias B-Flow, international photographer Chella Tukuta and gospel musician Kings Malembe Malembe after they commented on the handling of Gold mining, corruption and other governance issues.

He said freedom of expression did not mean acting more intelligent than the President.

President Lungu, however, told party members that the detractors were wasting their time as he would still win the 2021 elections.

“I know that these people…and some of them we worked with are coming to you saying ‘join us, we will form next government’. Just tell them ati mwambona shani [how do you look at me]. How do you leave a government to join those trying to form government?” asked President Lungu.

Meanwhile, most Luangwa and Rufunsa residents gave a lukewarm reception to President Lungu as his motorcade drove through the two towns.