Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Vincent Mwale has joined the list of Cabinet Ministers who have tested COVID-19 positive.

In an interview, Mwale said he was quarantined at his residence and that he was currently asymptomatic.

“Yes it is true I have tested positive for COVID-19, but I am fit. I have no symptoms and I am very much fine. The tests were done about three days ago. I have been confined at home because I have no symptoms and I don’t require medical attention as such at the moment. I am just okay, I am 100 per cent fit but just positive, but I am very much fit. I am asymptomatic. I attended Parliament through a virtue arrangement where we were given pads there and I listened from home. I will test again on Tuesday. I just can’t go out because I will risk other people’s lives. I am quarantined at home with specific rules, do’s and don’ts and that is it,” Mwale said.

He said he had experienced some mild symptoms for two days.

“COVID-19 is real; I had a bit of symptoms. I felt some body pains, headache and some fever and that prompted me to take a test. I only had symptoms for two days, they were very mild but I could feel some differences in my body. So I also just took a chance to go and test and when the results came out, I was positive. So this is not a hoax, it is very real and I think all of us once we feel suspicious, it is good for us to go and do some tests. S, after those two days, I felt like that then I went back to normal. I have been okay, the last few days have been okay, I feel like I can even play football, I can run, I am very fit. The Doctors checked my lungs and they said everything is okay. They are on call should I feel any different I can call them and tell them. It is important that we all checked. We have been advised that the peak is August, we need to all look out.”