UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has called on Lukashya residents not to be bought by the PF like tomatoes in the market ahead of the upcoming by-election this Thursday.

Speaking during a rally in Lukashya of Kasama District in Northern Province, Sunday, Hichilema urged local residents to get more money whenever PF officials offered it, but that they should vote for UPND candidate Davies Mulenga instead.

“People of Lukashya, you are very wise; don’t be bought like tomatoes in the market, like vitumbwa ku market. Please, on Thursday (September 17), if they bring money, get! If they bring anything, get. If the PF gives you K1,000, they are coming Monday, Tuesday they will be giving money. If they give K2,000, say, ‘I also have a lot of people at home who are also voters give me K10,000!’ If they give you K10,000, put in the pockets yah nakuchita ububi chik*la iwe! If they buy you after two, three months, they will run away, you remain suffering here, be wise. I have not insulted, I am just saying the truth. 2021, we need to change. They lied that they will build roads, look at the Kasama-Mpika road, is that fixing?” Hichilema wondered.

“People from Northern Province, are you not tired? In 2006, you voted for the PF; in 2011, you voted for the PF; in 2015, you voted for the PF; in 2016, you voted for the PF, but there is no development here. They said, ‘load shedding will come to an end when we have rains, load shedding will come to an end…’ But God gave us the rains and load shedding is still there. I will come here after ‘Big Mule’ has won the election, I will come with a truck and cattle so that we celebrate here in Lukashya!”

He said that the UPND would promote agriculture in Lukashya.

“The PF has failed to manage the country, children are failing to go to school, forget about Coronavirus. Before Coronavirus came, children were still suffering. The PF government has failed! When a child completes school, there are no jobs, women go to the markets to sell her products; there is no money to buy because no one has money. Do you have money in your pockets? These are PF lies! Are you working? These are PF lies,” he charged.

“There is hunger in homes! UPND is an agriculture party, I am a farmer, I have cattle, I will bring cattle here so that even you can have cattle. We work on agriculture, we will ensure that the price of fertiliser is reduced. We will save US $100 million from importing fertilizer because these mwankole are stealing! There is too much corruption, that is why the prices of fertilizer is high. We will reduce. But to do that, you have to vote for ‘Big Mule’.”

And Hichilema added that the PF had continued to spread lies about him when he was an upright person.

“We have suffered a lot, the PF has made us suffer. They like talking about nonsensical things…that HH ‘did this and that.’ No! I am an upright person. I am an upright person, they just lied; everything they are talking about that I ‘stole a house’ how can I steal a house? I bought the house when I was young at 29 years, I bought the house at K61 million in 1994, how can I steal money? When thieves are stealing, they think that HH is also stealing, but I am an upright person. They are lying that, ‘if you elect HH as (Republican) President, he will divide the nation, that he will sell the country.’ How can I sell the country? Do you know of a market where they sell countries? That is madness and nonsensical! There is no market where they sell nations. These are the lies of the PF,” said Hichilema.