DEMOCRATIC Party leader Harry Kalaba, his Movement for Democratic Change counterpart Felix Mutati and PF 2021 aspiring presidential candidate Kelvin Bwalya Fube yesterday commemorated the National Day of prayer, fasting and reconciliation at Saint Johns United Church of Zambia congregation in Chimanimani, Kabwe.

The duo joined hundreds of congregants and KBF was the preacher.

In his sermon, KBF said the political mood in the country was tense because of the unresolved issues and the suppression of the freedoms to freely speak and assemble.

And KBF said it was wrong for political leaders in power to say that a particular tribe would never rule Zambia because it was God who appointed leaders.

“The political scene today is just as it was in the times of the Apostle Peter when the leaders threatened him with arrest for preaching about Jesus. We see threats, intimidation and suppression of fundamental freedoms of assembly and speech. How can you reconcile, when you are not allowing your political opponents to enjoy the freedoms in the constitution?” KBF asked.

KBF said genuine reconciliation was only possible if politicians admitted that there were problems on the political scene and openly discussed to resolve them.

“We cannot talk of reconciliation without acknowledging the problem and identifying the person with whom we have a problem with. When you are wrong, seek peace. When you are guilty, seek peace. Unresolved conflicts can break fellowship with God and one another,” he said.

And the Lusaka Lawyer said it was wrong for political leaders to state that a particular tribe would never rule Zambia because God had the power to appoint a person of his choice in leadership.

He said politicians should learn to tame their tongues and desist from tribal remarks because such conduct could lead the nation into civil strife.

“We must be very careful with what we say as politicians. Tribal remarks such as ‘Bembas are thieves’ or ‘this tribe will never rule Zambia’; will land us in trouble. It’s not up to any political party to determine which tribe should rule because it is up to God,” said KBF, who pledged a total of K50,000 towards the completion of the church building and K10,000 towards the boys and girls groups.

And speaking during the service, Mutati asked the Church to pray for political party leaders.

Mutati said October 18 was significant because it was the day when the nation could heal from wounds afflicted on each other.

“Today is the day of national prayers. Prayer to reconcile ourselves. Prayer to be able to heal the wounds that we may have inflicted on each other. Today is a great day when the nation of Zambia and it’s people must come as one nation as one under the same God. Today’s talk must be above preaching the unite in diversity. We should peach peace and preach reconciliation as a nation, the responsibility of what we do as political party lies in you because you are the ones who choose. So choose properly and pray for us politicians,” Mutati said.

He said Zambia had many challenges which might slide the nation towards a cross road.

“As a nation, we have many challenges and sometimes, there is a feeling that we are sliding as a nation towards the cross road. There is nothing greater than coming together as one,” said Mutati.

And Kalaba said politicians were Christians first before anything else.

“Today I did not come for politics but to pray. We are Christians first before we are politicians and so today bring the day as it is, I will rely on Matthews 5:24 the Bible says ‘before you go to the alter, reconcile first with your brother’ and that is why today the three of us have found ourselves here because of unity. Today is a point of unity,” said Kalaba.