LUSAKA Province PF chairperson Paul Moonga says Zambia is so democratic that even “fools from outside” can freely comment on its affairs.

And PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri says as a woman of integrity, she cannot comment on Professor Patrick Lumumba who has nothing to write home about.

Commenting on Prof Lumumba’s remarks that the Zambian government was weak, paranoid and it saw enemies everywhere, Moonga said such disparaging statements from foreigners was a sign that they were frustrated because their sponsored candidate was a wrong character.

“This is the only country where people are free even outside Zambia to express their feelings. That is how democratic we are as Zambia. Even fools from outside Zambia can comment on matters of our sovereign state. That is what tells you how democratic our nation is. I have nothing to do with Kenya, I have nothing to do with South Africa, I respect what is happening in the two countries. We mind our own business. Some people are just hired missiles and they are frustrated because the person they sponsored whom they thought one time will take over Zambia, they found that they sponsored a wrong character. So we accommodate them, this is the only country where they have their views,” said Moonga.

“It is unfortunate and it is ignorance and for us we forgive them. Because these are hired missiles and they have lost out. They are even jealous, they are looking at our country so beautiful and so nice, look at the level of development happening in Zambia and Kenya, we are very far. So everyone is admiring Zambia.”

And in a separate interview, Phiri said she could not comment on Professor Lumumba because there was nothing to write home about him.

“You know I was once Zambia high commissioner to Kenya, I know Professor, he is nothing to write home about. I can’t talk to such kind of a person. How did he get that Professorship? It was through…it was there in court in Kenya, so I can’t comment about him. I am a woman with integrity,” said Phiri.

Last week, Prof Lumumba said he would not respond to unfounded rumors that he and other foreigners were mobilizing funds to help the opposition unseat President Edgar Lungu because it was a sign that the Zambian government was weak and paranoid.

He was responding to Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo’s allegations that government was aware that some opposition leaders were soliciting funds from their collaborators who were asking them to cause lawlessness in the country.