PF NATIONAL mobilisation chairperson Richard Musukwa says UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has hired intelligence experts from the UK, America and Israel to help him win the 2021 elections.

And Musukwa says the opposition leader is casting aspersions on the Electoral Commission of Zambia because he is already panicking, knowing very well that he doesn’t have the numbers.

Commenting on Hichilema’s allegation that ECZ had agreed to aid PF to win the 2021 general elections in an interview, Musukwa Hichilema had sought the help of foreign intelligence to help him avoid a sixth successive electoral defeat.

“I want to call on the opposition political party to prepare for a massive defeat because the people of Zambia have seen that the PF has been working on a trajectory of development. Where we have not done hospitals, roads, they are in the pipelines because we cannot do everything at a go. Look at what we have done elsewhere, we are doing it everywhere, that is Zambia’s plan and that is Edgar Lungu’s priority. We are aware ourselves that they (UPND) have done the statistics and we are aware that they have hired all sorts of experts from all over the world to help them win an election. I am sure that these intelligence people whom they have hired from America, UK, Israel, these intelligence people have given the numbers that they are losing,” said Musukwa.

“In fact, he (Hichilema) should not be talking about provinces, he should be talking about electorates. Who tells him that everyone who is registering in Eastern Province is voting for PF? Who tells him that everyone who is registering in Southern Province is voting for UPND? You will have a rude shock of his life.”

“The Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema must tame his ambition and that the issue of elections is not a matter of life and death. His propensity to threaten government institutions, parastatals and much important an independent Electoral team which is charged with ensuring that there are free and fair elections is unacceptable. Instead of postulating and threatening ECZ with his so called chaos, there will be no chaos. Anyone who wants to bring chaos in Zambia, the law will visit them and there is no exemption. For a long time he has been behaving like he is the one who is the President; issuing threats and derogatory statements gains everyone,” Musukwa said.

“The law will visit anyone who wants to bring chaos, elections are about choosing leaders of people’s choice and they will not be forced because of the ego of one person’s propensity to become President. Zambians have a right to choose their leader of their choice. What UPND and Hakainde Hichilema must be doing is to be soliciting for votes from the people of Zambia. Clearly, you can see that he has no numbers and that is why he is panicking before the elections. Let him campaign in an open and free manner and see if he is able to garner the support that he has been postulating on social media using false accounts; insulting Zambians and doing all sort of things.”

Musukwa said the PF government was committed to the plight of many Zambians and fighting poverty.

“PF and Edgar Lungu are committed to the plight of the people of Zambia and fighting poverty. We have started a process of development across the country. We haven’t finished everything, we know that we have made progress and we are ready to ensure that we build on where we have started in order to ensure that we give Zambians a decent life. This propensity of thinking that when he is at the helm, he will bring heaven on earth is false! Zambians must be wary of such politicians because they have no future and the interest of the Zambian people,” said Musukwa.

“What we require is a leadership both from the ruling and the opposition to rally behind ECZ and if there are any issues, they must be discussed on the round table. Clearly, you can see the number of people who need to be registered have been built up and in the next couple of days, we require that everyone must register. For avoidance of doubt, from the leader of the opposition, the electoral date is fixed in the Constitution, so ECZ is working backwards because the law provides already when the election will be done. If they continue postponing, how are we going to meet the deadline? Because the deadline is already in the Constitution, 12th August.”