MWENSE PF member of parliament David Mabumba says come August 12 this year, the people of Zambia, including those in his constituency, will vote for no one else but President Edgar Lungu and those who will stand on the ruling party ticket.

In an interview, Mabumba, the former general education minister, argued that even Lusaka Province had benefitted greatly from the construction of flyover bridges.

“The programmes like Social Cash Transfer is being paid. I was in Luapula four days ago; everybody is being paid Social Cash Transfer, that means the government is functioning. It is just to continue making sure that we’ll continue renewing our efforts. Knowing what myself and colleagues are doing, all of us, we were busy with voter registration, I am sure we did well compared with 2016. Luapula remains a friend to the President of the Republic of Zambia. That is my assessment and anyone can come and prove me wrong on the 12th August, including my constituency, they are not going to vote for anybody other than the President, and those who are going to stand on the PF. Look at Lusaka Province, the flyover bridges they are building there, were they there? So, there is town modernisation,” Mabumba said.

“Development is taking place so we should continue renewing and modernisation, that is important and delivering our commitments to Zambians, that is important. People vote for development, people vote for improved standards in their communities. If they didn’t have a school, they didn’t have a clinic; they didn’t have a road if FISP (Farmer Input Support Programme) was being delivered on time. If you go in the rural areas either feeder roads are being done; FISP being distributed on time; clinics being built; in towns, modernisation of the road networks in Lusaka is being done; airports being constructed. Surely, what else would people be looking for? In terms of development, we are on that agenda, but that agenda is not complete, it is a continuous process.”

Mabumba said the PF had achieved enough milestones in terms of infrastructure development in Luapula to merit their re-election this August.

“Mobilisation is continuing. We are just coming from voter registration and, therefore, it is going back and starting forming branches, putting our branch network and this is what I am doing in my constituency. You go in my constituency, there is nothing like losing favour. Luapula remains a PF stronghold whether somebody likes it or not. That is my personal view as Mabumba; personally, the province still remains a PF stronghold. Between you and I, Luapula is a PF stronghold whether people like it or not. All the people who have registered there, come 12th August, they will vote for President Lungu and all the MPs and the councillors, who are going to stand. That is a fact! Mark my words! Luapula remains a PF stronghold come 2021 the people of Luapula, they are going to vote for President Edgar Lungu,” argued Mabumba.

“What is important is for all of us just to work hard; deliver on our political commitments and that is it. That is what I think myself and all my colleagues, MPs in Luapula are doing; making sure that all the commitments, the pledges we made in 2016 are delivered. Even when you come in my constituency, it is the same, we don’t do ‘social media politics,’ you have to be on the ground. Some people would want to go to social media and what…So, for me and my colleagues, I am not their spokesperson, but I understand the evolution of Luapula and so forth, that is what everybody is committed in doing is to ensure that the projects many of them are completed.”