LUSAKA Province PF chairman Paul Moonga says Zambians should not entrust the leadership of the country to businessmen turned politicians as they are only interested in protecting their businesses.

In a statement, Moonga said Zambians should pick a leaf from the recent happenings in the United States of America where President Donald Trump, who is a business man, was willing to breach the constitution for his own personal benefits.

“The ruling Patriotic Front wishes to warn the people of Zambia against entrusting the leadership of the country in the hands of businessmen, whose loyalty is in the foreign hands funding their political agenda.The people of Zambia must be aware that these businessmen in most cases their loyalty and interest is to protect their business investments and that of their funders at the expense of poor people. As the case is now, I wish to urge Zambians to closely pick a leaf from what is happening in the United States of America where one of the most powerful and successful businessman in the presidency is willing and ready to breach the constitution for his personal business benefits and that of his closest allies,” Moonga said.

“America is known to be a nation of laws, USA is known to be the bedrock of democracy and constitutionalism, but what we have witnessed in the past few weeks, I shudder to state that it is unthinkable under the leadership of one businessman Mr Donald Trump who seems not to care about Americans. Most businessmen in power care less about their people because they are driven by the desire to protect their business investments and not the interest of the poor people who vote them into government. This is what we should refuse to happen in our great nation Zambia. If that mistake was allowed to happen, all the successes this government has scored will go unnoticed.This is a risk Zambians should not trade on as doing that will have a negative bearing on the future of our country and that of our children and the future of this beautiful nation.”

Moonga said allowing businessmen to lead the country would be disastrous to the future of the nation.

“These businessmen queuing to be elected to the highest public office in the land have questionable characteristics just like Mr Donald Trump. Ladies and gentlemen, their arrogance and bitterness is for everyone to see through the way they conduct politics. Their desire for vengeance can be seen in the manner they detest people who demand answers towards the roles they played during the questionable privatisation of the national assets.The challenge I ask the people of Zambia to reflect on seriously is, why should we allow people whose desire to govern our nation is driven by their business interests? Why should we make that mistake to put them in power when we know that doing so will allow foreign nationals to control the wealth of our country? Ladies and gentlemen, allowing businessmen whom you know better through their dubious roles they played during the privatization of our assets will be disastrous to the future of this great nation,” said Moonga.

“Electing this cartel to be at the helm of our governance system of the country will open the doors to nepotism, tribalism, regionalism in all spheres of the civil service and structures of governance. Ladies and gentlemen this is the animal we must fight with all the energy in us, this is the worst thing that will happen once we allow a cartel of businessmen to take over the governance system of the country. I wish to urge Zambians to seriously examine these characters for the benefit of our children, our grandchildren, the peace of this nation and the future of our nation. Under the PF and President Edgar Chagwa Lungu in particular has managed to unity this country under very stressful circumstances. Under his leadership we have seen massive economic growth in various regions even in areas where he was not voted. This agenda can only be sustained if we elected President Lungu for another full five year term in office.”