NATIONAL Democratic Congress media director Emmanuel Malite says Zambians will blame the opposition if they fail to unite and unseat PF in the upcoming August elections.

In a statement, Wednesday, Malite said there was too much uncertainty and questions about the status of the Opposition Alliance which needed answers.

“Zambians will have to blame us, the opposition, if we fail to unite and unseat the Patriotic Front. It can’t be politics as usual at the expense of ordinary Zambians that have been subjected to poverty and economic hardship the country is facing under this Patriotic Front. There is so much uncertainty in the country while public questions are not being answered. The public is asking and rightly so on whether the Opposition Alliance will work together in the upcoming 12 August 2021 general elections.The silence from the leaders of all the four political parties is too loud to be ignored,” Malite said.

Malite said this was not the time for the opposition to practice self centred politics.

“The only hope of unseating the barbaric PF is when all well meaning opposition political parties shall take off their political jackets and listen to the cries of the people whose livelihoods have been thrown into tatters by this regime. Let one of the leaders of the alliance deliver the country from the collapsing by taking the lead.This is not time for selfishness or being self centred.This is time to put the country first. Zambians will have the right to blame us in the opposition should we fail to deliver this country from the PF due to our selfishness and the seemingly lack of regard for our nation and its future.Lets place nation first before the blood of Zambians forever remains on our heads,” said Malite.