THE Electoral Commission of Zambia has revealed that more women have registered to vote in the August 12 general election, representing 53.4 per cent of the provisional register.

And ECZ says Lusaka Province has recorded the highest number of voters representing 17.7 per cent of the total number of voters in the country.

Speaking during a briefing, Thursday, ECZ chief electoral officer Patrick Nshindano said the provisional total number of voters stood at 7,002,393 of which 3,739,971 were female and 3,262,422 were male.

“The Commission launched the 90-day electronic verification of voter details on the Provisional Register of Voters. This exercise is scheduled to run from 7th February to 7th May 2021. During this period, the Commission will also be receiving objections as prescribed in the Electoral Process Act. These processes are critical to ensuring the establishment of a clean and credible register for this year’s General Election. The Commission remains committed to continuously provide updates on the progress of activities,” Nshindano said.

“And true to our word, we have come back today to provide an update on the disaggregated data of the Provisional Register of Voters. To just recap, the Commission recorded a provisional total of 7,020,749 registered voters. After de-duplication, the provisional register now stands at 7,002, 393 registered voters representing 0.2% marginal reduction from the initial 83.4% to 83.2% of eligible voters arising from duplicate records. Out of the provisional total of 7,002, 393, 3,739,971 are female representing 53.4% while 3,262,422 are male representing 46.6%.”

And Nshindano announced that Lusaka recorded the highest number of voters, while North Western Province recorded the lowest.

“At provincial level, Western Province accounts for the highest number of female registered voters which stands at 59 percent of the provincial provisional registered voters. Lusaka Province accounts for the highest number of registered voters representing 17.7% whilst North-Western is lowest at 5.5% of the total provisional register of voters. North-Western: males 179,989, 46.8 percent, females 204,463, 53.2 percent a subtotal of 384,452, representing 5.5 percent; Muchinga: males 185,448, 46.2 percent, females 216,094, 53.8 percent, subtotal 401,542 representing 5.7 percent; Western: males 183,218 , 41.0 percent, females 263,925, 59.0 percent, subtotal 447,143, 6.4 percent; Luapula: males 252,229, 44.9 percent, females 310,001, 55.1 percent, subtotal 562,230 representing 8.0 percent; Northern; males 278,103, 46.3 percent, females 322,756, 53.7 percent, subtotal of 600,859 representing 8.6 percent,” Nshindano said.

“Central: males 317,225, 47.6 percent, females 349,415, 52.4 percent, subtotal of 666,640, representing 9.5 percent; Southern: males 357,958, 46.0 percent, females 420,141, 54.0 percent, subtotal 778,099, representing 11.1%; Eastern: males 403,469, 45.0 percent, females 492,744 55.0 percent, subtotal 896,213, representing 12.8 percent; Copperbelt: males 506,357, 49.5 percent, females 516,866, 50.5 percent, subtotal 1,023,223, representing 14.6 percent; Lusaka: males 598,426, 48.2 percent, females 643,566, 51.8 percent, subtotal 1,241,992, representing 17.7% percent. Total males stood at 3,262,422 representing 46.6 percent while females stood 3 739 971 representing 53.4 percent.”

Nshindano said the provisional register was subject to change due to notification of deaths and transfers, among others.

He said the final register of voters would be certified on May 9, 2021.

“Please note that the numbers are provisional and may change due to the following; valid objections, valid appeals, notification of death, transfers, delimitation among others. The physical inspection of the register is scheduled to be undertaken from 29 th March to 2 nd April 2021. As provided for by the Law, the CEO will publish the notice in the Gazette Notice that the register for the polling station has been certified. The register published in the Gazette Notice replaces all registers of voters that had previously been prepared for that polling station. In conclusion, let me reiterate that this is a Provisional Register of Voters. The Final Register of Voters will be certified on 9 th May 2021,” said Nshindano.