KABWATA PF constituency chairperson Trevor Ng’andu, popularly known as Uncle T, says it is “rubbish” to claim that he has been given money and a Toyota Hilux by aspiring MP Danny Yenga to favour him in the adoption process.

Last week, three other aspiring candidates Clement Tembo, Mulenga Sata and Gabriel Kibombwe wrote a letter to PF Secretary General Davies Mwila citing electoral malpractice in the adoption process in Kabwata.

The trio lamented that Ng’andu had been a key member of Yenga’s team and was given a Toyota Hilux to use in his campaigns.

Sources told News Diggers that Ng’andu was the one managing Yenga’s campaign funds.

“They have even created a WhatsApp group chaired by Uncle T in a bid to have Danny Yenga adopted. Currently, Uncle T is the one managing and operating funds for campaigns. He is the one handling the vehicles and other assets. A day before the interviews, the Kabwata constituency executive was quarantined at Yenga’s office. On that day, they were quarantined, all their phones were confiscated by Uncle T, constituency chairlady Marble Mwandu and youth chairperson Chisha Mutale. Only three phones were accessible. What we know is that they were given all K10,000. Then a day before the interviews at 22:00 hours, Uncle T made a conference call to all the aspiring candidates including Yenga declaring that the documents for the interviews had been leaked. When one of the aspiring candidates Kibombwe questioned how the documents got leaked, Uncle T angrily answered that you are ‘an arrogant son’,” said the sources.

“Then on the day of the interviews, the interviews were supposed to be one hour, but we were surprised that Yenga’s interview only lasted 20 minutes. Uncle T was also trying to ensure that some aspiring candidates did not attend the interviews by exchanging the timetable and structure of the interviews to only suit Yenga. Then during the interviews, the guidelines indicate that no one is allowed to vote, but to our surprise, there was voting and the voting was done by a show of hands, no secret ballot. Then the district officials advised against this open approach. Then Uncle T then asked all the members to write Yengas name on a paper for filling. Then the vehicle, Yenga has withdrawn the Yengatech Hilux and he has now given Uncle T a Toyota Fortuner, white in colour. The reason he withdrew the Yengatech hilux was because of the white book, it had his name. Uncle T should not lie, he is bankrupt.”

But in an interview, Ng’andu refuted the claims and said the adoption process was transparent and free of corruption.

He said the three aspiring candidates were bringing up accusations because they realised that the favour was tilting towards Yenga.

“Everyone has been given an opportunity to apply in Kabwata Constituency. If there is anywhere where the process has been very transparent, [it] is Kabwata Constituency. Everyone has been allowed to go down there. I have been seen with Clement tembo mobilizing the structures together with him. I have been seen with Gabriel Kibomwbe mobilizing the party together with him. I have been seen with honourable Given Lubinda mobilizing the party together with him. Because now it is after the interview, because now they know that it is tilting towards Yenga, then they start bringing up accusations. Why didn’t they petition before? For me, that is how someone who is wise should have done. If maybe the constituency chairman has been compromised, then let’s petition before the interviews because he is not supposed to be there, or maybe the constituency executive because they have been compromised. Why should you wait until you see the results? That is when you start crying ‘that there is leakage here’? It is just the same as examinations at school. Why not petition to say that ‘no I think these papers, there is a link already before we even sit for exams’? Then that way, your petition would be very authentic and people will understand that petition and their cry is authentic. But when you come and start attacking people after the interviews, when you have heard that everything is tilting towards this person…” Ng’andu said.

“What the party did is that the district sent three officials to attend the interviews from the beginning till the end. They sent two officials from the security wing to attend the interview so meaning the whole process was very transparent. I have got no powers to interfere. I couldn’t interfere because there were my bosses there, there were people from the security wing. Are you telling me that in that meeting I am going to tell anyone and say everyone of you be biased and let us choose Yenga? That is not how the system works. That is why the district officials were sent to come and monitor the whole process. What the district has decided to do in Lusaka is that all the constituencies in Lusaka, they will send representatives from the districts. Also from the secretariat they saw it expedient to send officials from the security wing, so that the constituency is not biased, the district is not biased and including the security. Because how do you beat the three systems.”

He said he particularly felt bad for Mulenga Sata because he joined the race so late in the game.

“For me I really feel very sad mostly for my brother Mulenga because he came on the last day, on the 20th that is when he brought his application. He has never gone to any structure, he has never seen anyone, he has never gone for mobilisation. Then how does he join the band wagon and say yes I have been allowed, allowed where? When you brought your application on the last day, you have never been in the constituency, he doesn’t live there, and then he comes and says that ‘I have also never been allowed’, never been allowed where? Gabriel Kibombwe has been allowed to see all the structures, the evidence is there that he was in Chilenje the other week, he called and I told him ‘you can go and see the wards’, Clement Tembo we have allowed him to see all the structures,” he said.

“The time that Yenga wanted to go in Kamwala, I put in the PF group that you can’t go, honourable Yenga, to Kamwala because honorable Clement Tembo is in Kamwala ward, so choose another ward and not Kamwala ward. Then today he heel turns that ‘no I was not allowed’, where were you not allowed? The other time he was at Apex when I was receiving defectors and I was with Clement Tembo, I was on top of the vehicle. So, why is that when I go on the top of the vehicle with Yenga they say ‘I am with Yenga’? But when I go on the top of the vehicle with Clement they are not going to outline that. What I would say is that this is all rubbish! The only thing is that go and compete fairly, put in your efforts. So why are they crying now!”

Ng’andu said he did not receive any Toyota Hilux from Yenga, boasting that he could afford to get such a car for himself.

“They are saying that Uncle T is driving a hilux that was given to him by Yenga. I am not called Uncle T for nothing, I am a business guy, I do business. So now what they are telling me is that I can’t afford? If they see that one bar is closed, is that the only business I do? That is actually my secondary business, the one for cups that is my secondary business. Right now if you came, you would see the other vehicle that I am driving, I drive different vehicles everyday. So, how can they just say that obviously the car he is driving now, obviously it’s Yenga who gave him? It is very sad that they want to come and represent the constituency that I run. I think the best thing they can do is why can’t they go to RTSA and say we want to check the owner of the vehicle. Uncle T is Uncle T I am the one that is giving out. Look at the properties that I give out,” said Ng’andu.