UPND vice-president Mutale Nalumango has charged that Chishimba Kambwili is a selfish politician and has nothing to reveal over his decision to leave the opposition alliance.

And Nalumango says it’s sad that the country has ‘so-called’ leaders who have no principles.

Commenting on Kambwili’s recent remarks that he would soon ‘spill the beans’ on why he left the alliance, Nalumango said it was unfortunate that the country could have treacherous and lying politicians.

She said Kambwili couldn’t resist the temptation of going back to PF to eat, adding that it was sad that the country had the ‘so-called’ leaders who had no principles.

“If Kambwili has only respect for himself, let Zambians judge. I can tell you that the man has no beans. If he has any beans let him spill. We are not aware, where did he get it? He was not part of UPND, people must understand this. We never sat to discuss programs of UPND with Kambwili. We were just trying to conclude the electoral pact. The alliance from inception was looking at issues of common interest for the nation and not party manifestos,” she said.

“So, how did he know us? He couldn’t resist the temptation of going back to PF and eat. This is very sad for Zambia, we are having the ‘so-called’ leaders that have no principles at all. Completely, it is about themselves. When they shout, it is because they are unhappy, ‘this party is very bad, they are corrupt’. Since when did PF stop being corrupt? So it has ceased to be corrupt, PF is no longer corrupt? So what are his principles if it is not about himself.”

She added that Kambwili hardly attended the alliance meetings.

“It is very unfortunate that we can have treacherous and lying politicians in a country like ours. Like honourable [Josephs] Akafumba has said, he (Kambwili) hardly attended alliance meetings. He was too big. So I don’t know how he can talk about selfishness, isn’t he the selfish one? Let him tell the Zambian people his demands that he ever laid on the table. Our theme, if you have read our manifesto, is to see a united and prosperous Zambia. Now if a person is going to say ‘no, I want half the country because you [the] UPND, will not be accepted ku North, Copperbelt. This is mine, let me field candidates on the Copperbelt, in Northern, Muchinga, Luapula’, is that uniting? And if colleagues say ‘no that is not the way to go [about it], we want people to field one at the end of the day’. So between such people, if at all there is a debate, who is being selfish?” she questioned.

“We want to be one, we want to work together. Who is being selfish? That, Kambwili himself can interpret. As far as I know I am not aware of a meeting he met with president Hakainde without my presence. Therefore, what beans is he going to spill? Let him simply spill that beans. He missed many meetings and he would say that ‘no I am not there’. If at all Kambwili attended, there was no meeting Kambwili attended without Akafumba. I have attended those meetings, I don’t see what beans anyone can spill. Let him spill! He has been spilling from PF, things he has apologised for. It seems that he doesn’t learn. What kind of a man is he? Today he is the one saying ‘I don’t like politics of insults’, who is the one insulting? Then he crawls back and starts apologising. Are these the politicians we are going to trust?”

She recalled that Kambwili used to brag of having a lot of money that would enable him to fly to London for breakfast.

“Let him eat, not so long ago, he was saying he can start having lunch or breakfast in London and come back here for dinner. Then suddenly he said he can’t even send his children to school, he has been squeezed. What has happened? Where did the money come from? If he is eating please let him eat, Zambians are suffering. Zambians want change, not change from the same people to the same people. Changes that promote law and order.”