PATRIOTIC Front youth chairperson Kevin Sampa says UPND president Hakainde Hichilema is not fit to be President because he is advocating for anarchy in the country.

Last week, Hichilema who was commenting on the harassment of a civil servant by purported PF cadres, urged citizens to protect each other against any form of attacks.

But in an interview, Sampa who is also Kasama Central PF member of parliament said the statement made by the UPND leader was a ‘dangerous’ one because he was advocating for anarchy.

“You see, that is why time and again I have always said that Hakainde is not fit to be a leader. If you are a leader, you cannot be inciting people to defend themselves. That is why we have law enforcement, that is why every person can claim for their rights. If you are infringed by somebody else, there is a procedure to take. Procedures are well laid, the country is governed by laws, it is not governed by men. If you have a leader of such a nature, who is aspiring for the highest of the land, to be making a public declaration in that fashion, it is a very dangerous statement. So, what he is advocating for now is anarchy. There will be lawlessness in the country if that is the way he thinks governance is all about,” he said.

“I for one, I am blatantly condemning how Mr Hakainde Hichilema responded, it is wrong for this country! So many times Mr Sata lost elections, so many times Mr Sata was called all sorts of names, so many times our current President was called all sorts of names, you have never heard him respond in such a way. The President has always preached peace and laws that need to be followed by our people, that is all. So, this is a sign for us as Zambians that this is a desperate man, planning to go to State House with whatever ways he can think of, but the Zambian people are not foolish. We are a peaceful nation that has enjoyed the peace that we love. So, for somebody else to come in and to try to insinuate in that fashion, it will not yield him anything. Actually, he will be shocked after August what transpired.”

And commenting on the intimidation of a civil servant by suspected PF cadres, Sampa said no one would be shielded in the party for misconduct.

“You see the PF party is big and we have some people who have got their own criminal intentions, who want to masquerade as their party members. I think you have heard time and again what the Secretary General, even the President himself has said ‘any youth that abrogates the law, the law must visit them’. Even with the case at hand, you know what has transpired, the law enforcement agencies have moved in. So, there is no one who will be shielded in the party for misconduct. The party has well disciplined members. We have got even people that have criminal minds that will follow and they will behave in an unwanted manner. The rules and regulations of the party are very clear; anyone who joins the party must behave according to the rules and regulations of the party. So, if they abrogate the law, we will visit them,” assured Sampa.