DEMOCRATIC Party leader Harry Kalaba says government’s report that Zambia has become one of the top 10 African countries with highest COVID-19 daily cases, is not genuine and that it’s politics at play.

And Kalaba has insisted that his party will go ahead with their planned rallies which will be conducted within the COVID-19 guidelines.

On Friday, Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary for Technical Services Dr Kennedy Malama disclosed that Zambia had joined the top ten African countries with the highest coronavirus infection rates.

He attributed the record to super spreader activities such as social gatherings.

Secretary to the Cabinet Dr Simon Miti also issued a circular instructing Public Service Workers to revert to rotational working schedules due to the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases.

But in an interview, Monday, Kalaba cautioned Dr Malama against being used by politicians, adding that both Dr Malama and Dr Miti were playing politics.

“It is not genuine and they are playing politics thinking COVID will help the PF government to win elections again. The PF taba kawine, they will never win elections. Why all of a sudden President Lungu wants to behave like he cares about COVID-19, why? I want to tell Dr Malama at the Ministry of Health not to be used by politicians. He is busy saying we are in danger and they are collaborating with Simon Miti at the cabinet office even trying to give civil servants different working schedules to show that COVID-19 is a big issue. They are all playing politics and I can tell them they will face a full sincerity of their action after August 12,” he said.

“Anyway for us as DP we will be having rallies. Nobody is going to stop us. Nobody, because there is no law. Okay let me ask you a question. What is wrong with being arrested? My brother If you are a coward you stay like that, us we are fighting for the people of Zambia we are not scared of anybody.”

he charged that President Lungu didn’t care about Covid.

“President Lungu has never cared about COVID-19, now because he knows we are in an election period he (Dr Malama) says Zambia is among the top 10 in Africa with COVID-19. In America there were elections, we saw people having rallies. There is no law President Lungu and [Inspector General of Police Kakoma] Kanganja are using to say ‘there are no rallies because of COVID’. There was a time we were asking him to close borders he never closed, there was a time we asked him to be proactive he never was proactive.”

And Kalaba said his party would go ahead with their planned rallies which would be conducted within the COVID-19 guidelines.

He added that there was no law which prevented public rallies as the constitution was clear on how elections should be conducted in the country.

“For us as Democratic Party we will be having rallies, no one is going to block us because there is no law, there is no law. President Lungu should just be brave and face the people, he should not be hiding behind COVID-19, no! I know COVID is real just like Malaria is real but we are going to do what we have to do within the COVID guidelines. And President Lungu is a player in this, who is being assisted by Dr Malama at Ministry of Health and Dr Miti. These two individuals will be isolated after August 12, they will be isolated and dealt with by individuals,” Kalaba said.

“Which law, tell me which law? Because the elections of Zambia are in the constitution. I think Article 49 if my memory serves me right, it talks about the electoral act which comes out very clearly on how elections should be conducted. We are in an election period and we will go ahead with our rallies, we are not scared of anything. Us it’s President Lungu we want out and he is going out. I’m telling you the truth, mark my words.”