LUSAKA Province PF presidential campaign coordinator Davies Chama says the ruling party is not worried about the suspension of campaigns in Lusaka because it has already wooed voters using its works.

In an interview, Chama boasted that PF started campaigning the moment it got into office in 2011.

“We have already campaigned because we have developed Lusaka Province, we have developed the entire Zambia. For us as PF we won in 2011 because immediately we were elected in 2011, our agenda was to work for the Zambian people so that Zambia is changed beyond recognition. So, we started our campaigns right when we were elected in September 2011. We have been on a campaign trajectory from that time till now. So, we campaigned a long time ago. So, whether ECZ suspends the campaigns or not, we have already campaigned because we have already done our work, Sonta Epo Wabomba, alebwelelapo Edgar Chagwa Lungu,” Chama said.

“So, for us we campaigned a long time ago, for us we are just reminding the people to say ‘look here, there was no this, there was no flyover bridge, look at this secondary bridge that we have constructed, look at this hospital that we have constructed’. So, everyone is able to see. So, we have already campaigned. We are just reminding the voters those who are forgetful. Everywhere you go you can see something, that PF has done this.”

And Chama said the opposition should wait 50 years to remove PF from office.

“We are a serious government; we mean well for the Zambian people. Now you have an experienced political party. In football, players usually start warming up before they start a match, for us we have been warming up for the past 10 years, now we will start to play. Immediately the President is ushered into office because we are being retained, then we will start playing,” he said.

“So, no one will uproot us, not even UPND, wait for the next 50 years. Maybe after 50 years, I think we will be gone some of us. I will not even be there to witness the exit of PF. I will be in heaven watching and smiling how PF will continue to govern. So, I will be watching like our late President (Michael Sata) is watching, may his soul rest in peace. He is watching and smiling that ‘what a party that I formed, what a performance, go on boys, keep on pushing’, he is cheering us on.”

When asked what strategy the party would use after ECZ had suspended road shows, Chama said the party had resorted to engaging the people through door-to-door campaigns.

“The way we are doing our campaigns we are not worried, because road shows are just part of the campaign methods that people are using. There are so many ways of campaigning and road shows are just one of them. Basically, road shows are like you are just publicizing, you are not even engaging people. For us, we want to engage people directly so that we also get feedback and then we go into a discussion with them. So, we are not worried,” said Chama.

“What is worrying is the violence that has been perpetuated by people who do not mean well and it is a matter of concern. If you go into history, you will actually know the people who have been perpetrating violence because we were in opposition. I can tell you that any violent political party cannot ascend to power. The campaign strategy of the opposition will not work, if anything it will backfire on them. When they become desperate, when they notice they are losing, they become very violent and they become very agitated. I have never seen a political party that is so annoyed.”