VICE-PRESIDENT Mutale Nalumango says government was concerned with the levels of load shedding which the country continues to be subjected to.

Speaking during Vice-President’s question time, Friday, Vice-President Nalumango said there was clearly something wrong with the management of water resources and power generation.

“There is enough water to generate enough power and yet there isn’t [power]. This becomes an issue of management and administration. As the new dawn administration, we are looking at the failure to manage that which has been given to us under energy. I am sure that there is something wrong because this morning I was reading that the ERB, the entire board has resigned, that means there is something that is happening that we need to look at. If enough energy is being generated, why should we have load shedding?” Vice-President Nalumango asked.

“Let me also state that the new dawn administration is working on increasing the capacity even more on generation so that we have enough to share with the industry and in your homes where you have dinner. This goes for water too. We are going to work on those things by ensuring that management is put in place, boards are properly put in place.”

Vice-President Nalumango also said politics would not be allowed in markets and public places.

“The President is very categorical that we will not allow politics in markets and public places. That is the position, we don’t want again to give an opportunity to certain colleagues, cadres to once again take over and start controlling. No cadre and I think that was very clear from the President,” she said.

“The honourable member who spoke to this did not say there will be cadreism, he also said there will be no control as we have seen in the markets. Basically, I will say there is no difference with what the Ministers and the President said. No more cadreism in the markets. That is it!”

And responding to a question from Chikankata UPND member of parliament Jaqueline Sabao who asked how long the suspects who were arrested in 2019 for gassing in Chikankata would remain in detention, Vice-President Nalumango said the justice system should be followed correctly.

“It is unfortunate that the gassing issue that happened [which] may want to render its ugly head again has not been resolved fully. However, on this particular matter in Chikankata where members of the public were arrested for any alleged association of gassing, the honourable member has said that they are languishing. We have said the justice system in our country must be followed. You don’t arrest people, leave them to languish without taking them to court, the law must take its course,” said Vice-President Nalumango.