ACK General Suppliers proprietor Ackson Tembo has refuted reports that his trucks, laden with Mukula logs, were been seized by the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC).

But ACC spokesperson Queen Chibwe says documentation for the seized trucks indicate that they belong to ACK general dealers.

On Wednesday, Chibwe disclosed that the Commission had intercepted and seized 47 trucks belonging to ACK General Suppliers which were loaded with Mukula tree logs, en route to Namibia, Zimbabwe and other unknown destinations.

In an interview, Tembo confirmed being the proprietor of ACK General Suppliers but said none of his trucks had been seized by the ACC.

He said he was not aware of any information on the matter.

“Yes it is me, but I don’t know where they are getting that story from. Because I don’t have any truck that is impounded, I don’t have! So, I was equally surprised to hear what are they talking about? So the best I think is to ask them if they are very accurate with what they are saying or what. I don’t know what they are even talking about, try to ask them. If it is possible you have people at the same places where they are saying, ask them to check if those are my trucks,” said Tembo.

But in a separate interview, Chibwe said there was evidence that the trucks belonged to ACK general suppliers.

“Well, that is for him to say, for us the trucks that were seized belong to ACK. That is our position. It is the documentation that was found that [indicate that] the trucks belong to ACK,” she said.

In her statement on Wednesday, Chibwe indicated that 24 trucks were intercepted in Mongu, while 23 trucks were intercepted in Chirundu.

“The Anti-corruption Commission has intercepted and seized 47 trucks loaded with mukula tree logs enroute to neighboring Namibia and Zimbabwe, with unknown final destinations. 24 Trucks were intercepted in Mongu on 22 nd October, enroute to Walvis bay, Namibia, while 23 Trucks were intercepted in Chirundu on 27th October enroute to Zimbabwe through Chirundu Border,” said Chibwe.

“The 47 trucks were found to have no required documentation to transport the mukula logs. The mukula, which was being ferried by trucks belonging to ACK General Suppliers, was seized by the Commission, together with the trucks, in accordance with Section 58 of the Anti-Corruption Act No. 3 of 2012. Investigations into the illegal harvesting and transportation of mukula by some suspected politically exposed persons are still ongoing.”