KANTANSHI PF member of parliament Anthony Mumba has engaged in a heated altercation with Lumezi independent member of parliament Munir Zulu on WhatsApp, exchanging insults and ultimately resulting in a mixed martial arts challenge.

In a WhatsApp voice note conversation, the lawmakers are heard hurling unpalatables at each other repeatedly.

Below is a verbatim of their altercation:

Munir Zulu: Anthony, let me put a voice note because I think you are just irritating my mind. You are a piece of sh*t. I am not [one of] those that you drink wine with at Roan and Sable. Just because you had a deal with the Ministry of Health previously to supply ‘covid’ and you think everyone is your class? You piece of sh*t!

Anthony Mumba: Munir, I will not play cho-chise with you. I do not know you, you do not know me but wherever you are getting the guts from, I want to wish you well. I have been in business [for] the last 23 years. If you feel I have got any corruption cases, if you feel what I have done has anything to do with corruption, please, why don’t you go to the Anti-Corruption Commission? But I will not allow you to go on a media platform and talk about me and question whether I am supporting PF or not. I think that is not in my space. I do not think that is in your space. I have done my politics in the best way possible and if you think that you are going to start insulting me because of your own personal motivations, please I know you. You like cho-chise. But I will tell you something, I am not one of the people that you play around with. That I can tell you and that there is a limit to all this nonsense.

Zulu: Anthony, you started your conversation with very ugly words. I am not your friend and I do not wish to be your friend. Don’t think that your body being huge can intimidate all of us, no. Anthony, I am not these young boys in PF that you fund. I am my own man. I knew you when you were in the UK when you were supporting RB. You and I had a joint press briefing by the road in Thabo Mbeki with Muvi TV. So you cannot intimidate me Anthony. By the way, the people I play with, I only play golf with [them]. If that pokes your bottom, then go drink cold water. Don’t come to me to think that I am a little boy, make no mistake Anthony. I have got capacity to respond the way any Russian would respond. Come with respect and not just because you are after people that have been widowed and you come to me with that language. Foolish! Anthony, it is people that think you have got the money you boast about when you have just got little change that you benefited as a result of supplying wrong things at the Ministry of Health. Check my records and check my status nigga. I have been a big boy all my life without supplying no sh*t. You are just a little piece of sh*t in a big body size.

Mumba: Munir, I told you, you love cho-chise. If you have any issues around whatever I have done on whatever project, please just go to the Anti-Corruption Commission and report. You are good at that. I have never boasted about any money and I do not talk to you about money. I don’t talk to anybody about money. There are people that have got money. I just live my own simple life, that’s all. I didn’t know that you are that envious of me that you assume I have money. I didn’t know that and it had come to me as a total surprise. So all those times you would converse with and share your most frustrations at Parliament you were thinking about all these things you are saying. But look, I know you and you are not a guy who can be corrected on anything. You are Mr know it all. So my only advice to you is please, go ahead and report what you feel I have done wrong. You have the right to. You are a citizen of this country.

But to tell me that I boast that I have money when I am never found with you, I don’t see you in my social circles, I don’t mingle with you and I don’t share a meal with you. I don’t play golf with you. Where you have gotten that from, for me is another surprise but it can’t be because that is you, that is your nature. And if you are a big boy with big b*lls and big money, I cannot thank God for you. Leave my quiet, simple life which you assume is boastful. But I am ending here now. You got what you wanted, you go on a TV platform, you want to talk about one individual member of parliament and it satisfied you. So I don’t know what else you want but I am only telling you that that will not go unchallenged. And if you feel I am a corrupt person just take the evidence. That is simple.

Zulu: Anthony, who went to somebody’s inbox? You came to my inbox. Did I f**king come to your inbox? Did I even have your number? You called Ibrahim early in the day when I was playing my golf and you thought I could answer your phone at the expense of my game that I treasure the most? Who the hell are you and what the hell do you think you are? Go f*ck the marines if you want! You come to my inbox trying to threaten me as if I am your son, no my guy. If you have got the capacity, I can put a challenge to you. Let us fill up Mulungushi International Conference Centre, not for boxing but mixed martial arts. Let’s go, nkakuma iwe. Even at Parliament building where there is immunity, tuleya tukaiponona. Ala (let’s go we fight each other). Just because we look small in stature you think you can afford to intimidate us.

Anthony, I am not the kind of boy you buy drinks for at Roan and Sable. And I will come to Roan and Sable on Wednesday and I will prove to you to say I have got a background and I know where I am coming from. I know where I am coming from and I know where I am going. So don’t ever come to my inbox or else I will squeeze your b*lls.

Mumba: Okay Mr big man I hear you. We will link up and the match at Mulungushi, awe twachepa imwe kabili muli bakalamba. Fyonse efyo mwakwata fikalamba namano na fyonse fikalamba (no, we are no match for you since you are [a] big [man], everything you have is big, even your intelligence and everything else is big). Clearly Munir, from your last posting, it is very clear that you are a clueless little piece of sh*t.

Zulu: I am just a little better sh*t than yourself. My sh*t could stink better than yours.

And in an interview, Munir said he had had enough of Mumba trying to intimidate him, and that it was time to resolve it with a physical fight.

“He’s a fool. I didn’t have his number. He called Ibrahim asking for my line and later on he sent me an insult on WhatsApp. And the only thing I could do was to respond to him aggressively because he thought he can bully anyone. You know people with that body size tend to be extremely selfish. Anthony had those contracts under the Ministry of Health to supply things for COVID and paid K9 million or so,” he said.

“Now as an independent member of Parliament by then, that’s what made him join the PF, contracts. Now that PF lost, he thinks UPND will treat him the same. So he’s there to scandalise anyone that is seen to speak on behalf of the people. So it’s all about himself and it’s not serving the people. For me, I am equal to the task. If he is willing, like I said, let’s go to Mulungushi and finish it up and see how I will punch him in the next two to three minutes.”

Zulu said if they had met in person, he would have clobbered Mumba.

“The first time was at Parliament buildings on the corridor, he was saying ‘I received some tension between you and the Speaker. Can I facilitate that we harmonise your relationship’, I said no. First of all, why should it take a PF member to come and ask me to harmonise my relationship with the Speaker? I have got Jay-Jay Banda who is my whip. If there was any tension Jay-Jay would handle it. Then this time he comes to insult me in my inbox and I should leave him? And he was very fortunate because how I wish we had met in person I was going to clobber that man,” said Zulu.

“I mean what do you do with such characters that think because they have big bodies they can wake up and insult anyone? Such people [you] need to put up a fight with them and the winner takes it all. Anthony shouldn’t think that because he has got that big body then he can harass anyone. His background is out of being a scam. Making noise at the airport under former president Rupiah Banda’s reign and that is how he got his job in the UK. So he shouldn’t tell people that he has been in business for a long time.”

Meanwhile, when contacted, Mumba said he would give a comment on the matter at a later date.