PF DEPUTY national chairperson Davies Chama says signs are clear that the ruling party has created a bigger animal which will soon consume them because they are failing to condemn it.

And Chama says the trips undertaken by President Hakainde Hichilema since he took office cannot be compared to any other President.

In an interview, Chama said he was not a prophet but he could predict that the seeds planted by the UPND would consume them in a bigger way.

“You know the way they have called former cabinet Ministers as thieves, for them it will be worse. They will be called thieves because they are creating a dangerous monster that they will fail to contain. The only profession that has been categorised as thieves is a politician and it is only happening in Zambia. You don’t hear that in America, Tanzania, Britain or Botswana and other neighbouring countries. This has been propagated by UPND and what they have been propagating will consume them sooner than later. I am not a man of God or prophet but I can tell you that these seeds they have been planting will consume them in a bigger way. Whatever they are doing will come back to them,” he said.

“They have called us all sorts of names that the PF were criminals. Even Dr Kaunda when he left power they accused him of stealing $6 billion but they found nothing. Those people never even apologised. They took Dr Chiluba to court and embarrassed him and the courts passed judgement in his favour but people never apologised. Now they are calling former leaders as thieves but one day they will also be called thieves in a bigger way. It has already started showing signs that they have created a bigger animal and they have not come out to condemn. They are remaining silent but I can tell you, it will consume them and it will consume President Hakainde Hichilema.”

Chama said UPND had no conscience whatsoever because they were doing the exact things they were condemning the PF for.

“Our colleagues the UPND have never been sincere. Whatever former president Lungu did or the PF did, for them it was literally to condemn everything including his presidential trips. But if you do your math, he has literally travelled twice every month from the time he took office as President. Not even other Presidents have ever travelled like that. It is unbelievable actually. As a person, if you say something against somebody but you get into office and you start doing exactly [the same], even worse [than] what you were condemning, I do [not] know if you have any conscience at all. The UPND and their leadership do not care and the Zambian people have not seen anything yet,” Chama said.

“When UPND and PF were in opposition and MMD was in power, that was when the mapatizya formula was formed. People were overlooking because they were in opposition at the time. Honourable Kampyongo was almost killed like the way our North Western Province chairman was killed and nothing has been done. It is business as usual and it is very sad and frightening. Now they have arrested former president Lungu’s bodyguard and the wife and the barber man. Basically, they have abducted them and people are just fine with it. It is very dangerous and they are treading on very dangerous waters. The way their youth chairmen threaten violence and their leadership is quiet, sooner than later now it will consume their leaders. It will consume the UPND themselves.”

Chama said the UPND would not fix anything because they just duped Zambians.

“The President may be protected [because] he has immunity but his Ministers do not have it. You have seen how Ministers are being threatened by their own cadres and being called all sorts of names? What you are seeing is nothing because this is what they have planted from the time they were in opposition. They condemned former president Lungu’s trips but now their own President is undertaking these same trips and everyone is quiet. But there will come a time, we are just observing. It is a sad episode for our country. They will not even fix anything because they just duped Zambians because they are a bunch of dangerous and deceptive criminals,” said Chama.