FOLLOWING government’s decision to advertise jobs for 11,276 medical personnel, President Hakainde Hichilema on Saturday took to social media and indicated that one did not need to have connections or pay any amount to be employed.

In a Facebook post, President Hichilema’s comment attracted reactions including Democratic Party president Harry Kalaba who commented “This statement your Excellency should be made after the process is over. Let’s wait and see if there will be no connections needed or ka something”.

However, Kalaba’s comment angered some netizens who replied to his comment and called him “a prophet of doom”

One Facebook user Snow Reigns wrote “simply the President has given the directive that is how it should be done. In some other ways, the president is saying do not pay to be employed and if you do so, it is your fault, period. Politically, you have lost it big time and you are petty”.

Another Facebook user Steven Tommy Nyanga wrote “the president has said no connection, it’s up to us citizens to ensure that and report not politiciking”.

Others told Kalaba to support President Hichilema because he was an opposition leader aspiring for presidency too.

“Harry Kalaba, support what is good my president we will support you too,” Volvo Lwatembo wrote.

Bornface Mulenga agreed: “Mr Kalaba I do not think that being in opposition means you have to oppose everything that comes. Anyway, I cannot say much”.

Meanwhile, other Facebook users like Hon Mwape Gilbert who were in support of Kalaba wrote: “you are on point sir, let us wait for the entire process”.

Joseph Kaseya further wrote “But Kalaba is right, we have to observe the whole process then make concluding remarks”.

On Thursday, after visiting the Ministry of Health headquarters, President Hichilema emphasised that government jobs were for all.

“In the past when there was recruitment, only certain people got recruited. Jobs in the public sector must be available to all citizens across the country. That is part of our agenda to reunite this country. So the teachers have their own day. I will be at the Ministry of Education someday. However, it is similar issues, we are doing it properly and inclusive. Any job opportunity in the public sector must be inclusive. We were elected into office to serve the whole country,” said President Hichilema.