PF clandestine operatives have rushed to the High Court to block the impeachment motion raised by the opposition UPND in a desperate move to keep President Edgar Lungu in State House.
The PF mercenaries in the name of Robert Chabinga and Henry Mulenga have colluded with their fellow surrogates in the likes of Lewis Mosho and others, to prevent Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Matibini from tabling the impeachment motion in June.

Their argument is that the Speaker’s decision to accept the private member’s motion was unreasonable, procedurally improper and illegal. They submitted that the Speakers decision impinged on constitutionality and that the National Assembly was not meant to shield itself with privileges, which glaringly undermined the constitution.

As expected, Judge Bobo Banda has granted the applicants leave to apply for judicial review, an order which now acts as a stay to prevent the Speaker from tabling the motion in the House, as requested by UPND’s Gary Nkombo and Roan MP Chishimba Kambwili.

Well, here we are! When State House said the PF members of parliament were looking forward to the impeachment motion so that they can deal with it, these are the MPs that they were referring to – Lewis Mosho, Robert Chabinga, Hobday Kabwe and their allies. These are the loyal PF members of parliament who are eating well and enjoying Mr Lungu’s presidency more than those who sit in the National Assembly.

If President Lungu was to be impeached today, it is Honourable Mosho, Honourable Chabinga, Honourable Kabwe and the rest of the PF operatives who would suffer and not those poor PF lawmakers who drink fake Chinese mineral water in the National Assembly.

This move by President Lungu’s agents to block the impeachment motion through the court is a clear indication that the campaign to mobilise votes from ruling party MPs has hit a snag. Their members of parliament have shown resistance and very few are complying. So, this is a plan B. If it fails, there will be plan C, D, E, F, all the way up to Z. The goal is to keep Chagwa from falling.

Chishimba Kambwili is correct when he says the criminals in State House are panicking because the Intelligence office has warned them about how dangerous this impeachment motion is. Knowing the PF and how it operates, this measure is final and there is nothing that the opposition will do to get the motion back to the House.

Citizens can now understand why Speaker Matibini deliberately withheld the private members motion from being debated. The link between the chief executive of the National Assembly and the ruling party can now be visibly seen. We can now deduce that the Speaker was also protecting the side of his bread which has butter. He can’t afford to have his soup dry out so soon. So come June, all Speaker Matibini will say is that ‘my hands are tied, this matter is in court’.
The Problem we have in Zambia is that there is no separation of powers. The Executive is also the Legislature and the Judiciary. There are so many cases which demonstrate this, and this is just one of them. In fact, if you follow the pattern, you can see that most of the controversial cases in which the Head of State has interest, are handled by the same judges.

But there is something that we insist the President must understand. He can succeed to block his impeachment, as he has done already. He can succeed to secure a third term bid and win the 2021 elections, as he believes he has already done. He can even succeed to prevent UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema from challenging him in the next election, as he is trying to do using the Political Parties Bill, but a time will come when the will of God will come knocking on his door.
Our fear is that President Lungu and his beloved honourable members of plundering, who are keeping him in power, don’t see that time coming. Everyday, they are sealing new holes to prevent the boat from sinking, yet they continue to sail through the darkness with so much confidence.

By creating this precedent of abusing the courts of law for personal sustenance, President Lungu and his band are preparing a bed in which they will have to lie. It is the same with the rest of the governance institutions. The same way that State House can call the Inspector General of Police and tell him who to arrest, is the same way the next regime will behave. The PF cadres whom the police can’t touch will be wearing different colours and going after those who are looting today.

We are appealing to the President’s conscience today. Your Excellency Sir, there are two things in the world that are never enough and one of them is money. It doesn’t matter how long you stay in power, the money you make will never be enough. You have made enough, Sir, for your children and your children’s children. Even those who have stolen in your name have looted enough. Put your foot down now and start preparing for your retirement.

It is time for you now as Head of State to start making amends with the people of Zambia who put you in power. You cannot run a country with the support of three-four friendly lawyers. Look around and ask yourself with sincerity, if this impeachment motion was taken to ordinary Zambians, how many would protect you?

By asking these questions today, we may sound like noise makers but time will come when the ‘noise’ will come from those that hold true power, Zambians. They will rise and come for President Lungu, Mosho and others who have turned this country into their eWallet.