A witness yesterday narrated how a suspected ritual killer approached his nephew who is a witchdoctor for cleansing after ghosts of the murdered victims started haunting him.

This is a matter in which Christopher Kasapo and three others are charged with murder of seven people whose body parts were missing, in some cases with eyes plucked out and hearts removed.

Standing as a witness, Maurice Bwalya, 38, of Churundi site and service narrated to Lusaka High court Judge Florence Lengalenga that his nephew Lwambazi Mumbo told him how the alleged ritual killers wanted to be cleansed of ghosts which were haunting them.

He said one of the alleged murderers by the name of Lucky Siame, a soldier whom he had once cleansed, introduced the ritual killers to him so that he could also cleanse them.

Maurice, a worker at China Henan, who was testifying in Bemba said his nephew gave him the information when they met in Zingalume compound of Lusaka on April 3,2016.

He said he met Lwambazi near a guest house called Egoli where the nephew explained how he once cleansed a ritual killer of some evil spirits which haunted him, and that more ritual killers wanted his services..

Maurice said one of the suspected killers Elvis Nyanga, a soldier, introduced himself as Collins.

He said whilst they were standing near the road, ‘Collins’ emerged from a nearby house and told the witchdoctor how betrayed he felt that he had told his uncle about his dealings. He said ‘Collins’ further threatened his nephew that he would be the next victim of ritual killing.

Maurice said another accused person by the name of Christopher Kasapo who said he was a ZAF officer approached him in the presence of his Nephew and told him that he really needed to see him over a problem that he had been encountering.

The witness said Kasapo was providing injections from his workplace, ZAF, to inject people before the attack and that Lucky Siame, another accused person used to provide transport to hijack people from the bars after which they would remove the needed body parts before dumping the bodies.

He narrated that before they left, another person who introduced himself as Dr Chishimba Bwalya, a witchdoctor, approached his nephew, seeking to work together, as cleansing people from evil spirits had become difficult.

Maurice told the court that he eventually decided to report the matter to the police after his nephew complained that the accused persons had continued troubling him for cleansing of evil spirits from the people they had murdered.

He said he called a toll free number to police headquarters after which police went to pick him in Chirundi for further interrogations.

Trial continues.