An arresting officer has told court that he jointly charged Keith Mukata and his lover Charmaine Musonda for murder because they did not give satisfactory answers during interrogations.

In this matter, the Chilanga UPND member of parliament and his lover are accused of shooting dead Namakabwa Kwenda, who was security guard at his law firm.

When the matter came up for continued trial yesterday, Mubita Moya, who is a chief investigations officer at Emmasdale Police Station, testified that when he arrived at the crime scene, he found onlookers harassing Mukata

Moya narrated that he chased the onlookers that were present after which he was given a fire arm, a magazine with seven rounds of ammunition, three empty cartridges and basket were the fire arm was hidden by his colleague.

He testified that during interrogations, the accused did not give satisfactory answers of what transpired, prompting him to jointly charge them for the offense.

Moya said none of them disclosed who pulled the trigger.

He said the firearm which was used to kill Kwenda was found in Charmaine’s BMW.

Moya said he discovered that Charmaine used the BMW to take food to her lover because he was working late on the material day.

However, Moya could not produce exhibits in court following an objection from the defense lawyers who sought for an adjournment to raise preliminary objections on production.

Earlier, the state dispensed the evidence of a pathologist as he was still undergoing medical procedure in Namibia.

The matter comes up today.