Lusaka Magistrates’ Court has acquitted Zambian Canadian journalist David Julian Wightman of trafficking, manufacturing and using psychotropic substances among other charges.

In this matter, Julian Wightman was charged with seven counts; in count one, Julian Wightman is alleged to have trafficked in 1.336 Kg of Marijuana whilst in count two, he is accused of trafficking in 26.62 grams of Marijuana on July 8 without lawful authority.

In charge three and six, Julian Wightman was accused of carrying out a process used in the manufacture of psychotropic substances namely grinding cannabis and mixing with coconut oil to make it into fine form without lawful authority.

In charge three, Julian Wightman was alleged to have advertised for sale psychotropic substances namely 6.8 grams of Marijuana.

In the fourth charge, he was alleged to have been in possession of instruments or utensils for administering psychotropic substances namely syringes.

In charge five, Julian Wightman was accused of using 6.8 grams of Marijuana.

Julian Wightman was in the seventh and final charge accused of inciting members of the public to use narcotic drugs through a Fabebook Page called NORML ZAMBIA.

When the case came up for ruling on case to answer yesterday, Magistrate Greenwell Malumani acquitted Julian Whigtman, who was being represented by Keith Mweemba, saying the defense had failed to prove their case against him beyond reasonable doubt.

The court said Julian Wightman could not be convicted because he was not even at the house when officers from the Drug Enforcement Commission raided it.

Magistrate Malumani also noted that the state did not conduct a medical examination to prove that Julian Whigtman had drugs in his system.

He also said there was no documentary evidence to prove that Julian Whigtman manufactured or trafficked in drugs.