An arresting officer has told the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court that during investigations, no handwriting samples were taken from a man linked to the ‘Free HH’ graffiti at Government Complex to prove if the handwriting was the same.

Amos Kashitu testified before magistrate Nthandose Chabala that no samples were taken from UPND member Mwanakatwe Sikasula for forensic examination to ascertain whether then handwriting was his.

During cross examination by defense Keith Mweemba, the officer also admitted to have breached the law when he over detained the accused person for five days without bond despite the offence being a misdemeanor which could have paid admission of guilt for.

And as Kashitu was being lead in cross examination by another defense counsel Mulambo Haimbe, he said there was a possibility that the words were written by someone else because Government Complex was a public place.

Meanwhile, the officer said he decided to charge Mwanakatwe with a charge of idle and disorderly conduct as he was found with the UPND materials in his car despite no one coming forward to say he wrote the said words.