The Lusaka Magistrates’ Court has committed 11 accused persons to the High Court for aggravated robbery involving K10,161,779.70.

Allegations are that Yotam Banda and 10 others on April 2, 2017, jointly and whilst acting together with other persons unknown and whilst armed with a firearm did steal K7,580.047.90, US$159,435,00 and 50 British pounds cash, the property of Eco Bank.

The group is also alleged to have threatened to use actual violence on Betty Phiri in order to obtain the said property.

Magistrate Muzambalika Simwatachela committed the accused for trial after a public prosecutor presented a certificate of committal issued by a senior state advocate from the DPP certifying the case fit for trial.

And the court granted an application to transfer Adolf Machina to Kamwala Remand Prison after he complained that his colleagues wanted to poison him.

Banda and his co accused were recently released by the Lusaka High Court after the state entered a nolle prosequi on similar charges.