FORMER Lundazi Independent member of parliament Lawrence Nyirenda has petitioned the Constitutional Court seeking an order that the Constitution was contravened when Malawians were allowed to register and vote in the August elections.

Nyirenda has cited current Lundazi PF member of parliament Brenda Nyirenda, the registrar in the Department of National Registration, Passport and Citizenship and the Attorney General as respondents in the matter.

According to the petition, Lawrence has argued that Brenda and the registrar contravened the Constitution of Zambia by allowing foreign Nationals to acquire NRCs, voters cards and to vote in Zambia.

Lawrence stated that during the said elections, concerned citizens who tried to stop foreigners from voting were arrested, fined and released from police custody the following day following instructions from Brenda.

He further stated that the registrar negligently contravened the Constitution by issuing to foreign nationals, NRCs and voters cards under Brenda’s influence as she was affiliated to the then ruling party, PF, without making a thorough investigation of the origin of the applicants to ascertain if they were of Zambian origin or eligible for dual citizenship.

Lawrence is therefore seeking an order that the court finds Brenda and the registrar to have contravened the Constitution and consequently find her parliamentary seat null and void.

He is further seeking an order that the registrar failed or neglected to advise Brenda on the clear violation of the Constitution of Zambia, any other order that the court may deem fit, costs and interest.

And according to the affidavit verifying facts, Lawrence alleged that Brenda and her party, PF, brought in some Malawians to participate and vote for her in the last elections where she was declared winner.

“Brenda and PF brought in Malawians to acquire NRCs to enable them vote for her,” he stated.

Lawrence further stated that the said Malawians were helped to acquire NRCs and voters cards to vote for her after giving them handouts such as goats, slaughtered cattle and baby bathing tubs.

He stated that the facilitation for NRCs was done in August and November 2020 while for the voters’ cards during the mobile NRCs and Voters Card Registration in the polling stations.

Lawrence stated that 15 Malawians were caught at the Kabindula border area after voting with Zambian documents by alert UPND members.

He further stated that those who were captured were old, while the younger ones were able to run away.

Lawrence therefore pleaded with the court that Brenda should be disqualified as Lundazi Constituency MP for abrogating the Constitution of Zambia, which is the supreme law of the land and per evidence as produced and stated.