NO wonder he is called senior member of the BAR because his orders are always cold.

PRESIDENT Lungu: “As President, I have dissolved Parliament today, but Article 104 of the Constitution allows me to continue in office until a new President is sworn in. The same law applies to my ministers. So having seriously interrogated the law, I will run government with my Cabinet! Lawyers that want can go to court and I am ready to debate with them over this issue because I am also a lawyer, a senior member of the bar!”

That’s why I miss Musa Mwenye; if he was still Attorney General, he would have known what “bar” my President was referring to, and reminded him that lawyers don’t interrogate the law, they consult the law.

But this man called Likando was just sitting ndwii while my President was outshining his ministers in an ignorance contest. And I wonder how my President didn’t see this trap because this is the same Attorney General who, a month earlier, told the Constitutional Court what judgment to pass if my President made any stupid decisions.

LIKANDO Kalaluka: “By operation of the law, the Constitution Act number one says that the Vice­President, ministers, deputy ministers, will continue in office until Parliament is dissolved. Parliament will have to be dissolved sometime in May, so when Parliament is dissolved, there will be no ministers or deputy ministers in office.”

Now, since even primeval ministers like Alexander Chikwanda chose to continue using government toilet paper, arrogantly squeezing it like there shall be no tomorrow, here is what the iron lady has to say.

Hildah CHIBOMBA: “The ministers ought not to have continued in office in the absence of the required provision that allowed them. We do order that they should forthwith vacate office. They should pay back all salaries and emoluments they have drawn from 12th May 2016to date.”

Good for you, honourable professor Dr Chishimba Kambwili, I am sure you now understand why it is foolish to inflate figures on receipts when you travel on government ticket. And here is my message to you, which has been endorsed by Mr Frank Bwalya, Emmanuel Mwamba, Sunday Chanda and Mr Berlin Msiska – JUST PAY!

That’sit for today.

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