Former UPND vice-president Dr Canisius Banda says he will today report people who have hacked his Facebook account to the police.

Around 16:40 hours yesterday, Dr Banda posted a mirror selfie on his official Facebook page which immediately went viral.

Unlike most of his satirical quotes, this picture left very little to the imagination – a white towel strategically positioned to veil his manhood.

Within 10 minutes, the image had over 200 reactions with most people asking, ‘what has gone wrong with Pilgrim?’

Whilst the image disappeared from his page about 15 minutes later, it was too late as people were already sharing screenshots.

Dr Banda was unavailable to explain the bizarre occurrence until 10 pm when he issued a brief statement explaining that the image was a production of malicious hackers who had began a smear campaign.

Below is the notice he sent out:


…kindly be advised that the picture circulating said to be of me is actually NOT of me.

It is all graphics.

That is the work of malicious hackers who have hijacked my Facebook account since 25 November and are now using it for a smear campaign against my person.

Nonetheless, good shall triumph over evil in the end.

Let’s keep our faith in God. This too will pass.

It is well!
Kindly share.
Dr Canisius BANDA

When asked if he had reported the matter to police, Dr Banda told News Diggers! that he would make an official complaint today.

“For now I have notified Facebook to block the account,” said Dr Banda who later shared the message below:


…Do NOT be dissuaded by the murmuring of the winds. Stay focused. Darkness is everywhere. Our journey is long but worthy. We bear light. We have God in our sails. Even under attack, we remain safe…