RAP mogul Slap Dee on Tuesday caused a twitter outrage after he ‘insulted’ one of his follower’s for giving him a lecture.

One of his follower’s gave his opinion on his recently released rap freestyle. But the “Nomba Ninshi” composer whose real names are Mwila Musonda did not take kindly to the opinion, like all rappers really.

“Listening to Slapdee’s new freestyle. To be honest the neat is ait, but the bars are below average. I’m a fan but I think he can do better than that. Unless I missed that one punchline that connects everything?” @Mic Diggy

Slap D did not hesitate to quickly respond to the funny fan, saying “Fuq outta here with your reviews. Ur opinion doesn’t count over here” (@slapdee)

But some fans could not hold their displeasure at the rapper’s response to their colleague, as they quickly retweeted and slapped the Digidy with some really strong retaliation.

“I honestly don’t understand how some Zambian artists like SlapDee expect full of fan support when they can’t even handle humble criticism. You’re the same artists who speak of having haters through out your hustle and learning to use the hate as a push factor to reach out goals” @DetroitsKiixe98

“Someone should Slap the D off the rappers with egos the size of their heads. I suggest LJ Mojo”

“And they want us to buy their music and vote for them chum awards? Fuq outta here!!” @Wika_ThatGurl

The rapper later deleted tweet.

Slap Dee’s manager Harry Mwanza said in an interview that it was unfair for people to focus their energies on negative comments people were tweeting.

“He is also human, he can also react, I don’t think its necessary to focus on tweets. There are more important things to focus on. The guy was disrespectful and that freestyle has been appreciated by many people and I think it’s unfair to say it was not good enough,” said Mwanza.

I don’t know really. What do you think readers? I am blank coz I didn’t even know “Fuq outta” was an insult. Sounds like something I would tell my girlfriend’s dad after visiting him. “We gonna fug outta now, it was nice seeing you.”