Patriotic Front Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri says it would be unfair for the party to pressurize its Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili with intra-party disciplinary issues when he still has issues with the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

In February, the PF reprimanded Kambwili for acting disrespectfully towards the ruling party Mayor for Luanshya Nathan Chanda.

Kambwili, the former information minister underwent a disciplinary hearing to iron out differences between himself and Chanda, whose appointment as the PF’s mayoral candidate he vehemently opposed.

But Kambwili and Chanda have continued to clash with the Roan MP accusing his Mayor of treating voters like dogs.

Mumbi last week said she would call Kambwili to reprimand him over the continued squabbles, but after the ACC launched a corruption probe against the former Minister, the PF deputy Secretary General said it would be unfair to poke an already pressured man.

“I haven’t talked to him because in the recent activities, he met with the ACC, so I haven’t talked to him. I just thought that since he has other issues again and we start poking him, it won’t be fair. Let him concentrate on one thing, and when the time is right, I will still call him,” said Mumbi.